One Direction 2012: Harry Styles ‘totally in love and ready to marry Taylor Swift’

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Harry Styles is reportedly “totally in love” with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The One Direction singer is said to have completely fallen for country singer Taylor and friends of the boyband hunk have allegedly claimed the pair are even considering marriage.

A source told Us Weekly: “The relationship has gone from zero to 60 in seconds.

“Harry is totally in love. I can see them getting married in a week, just going for it.”

The romance is said to be so serious that the couple are considering buying a grand country house near the home of Harry’s mum Anne in Cheshire, England.

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An insider recently said: “Harry and Taylor are crazy about each other. They just got back to LA together after sharing a week-long vacation in England.

“While they were in the UK, they had the chance to drive up to Harry’s mum’s place in Cheshire and Taylor fell in love with the gorgeous countryside.

“They spent a day in Holmes Chapel, with Harry’s mum Anne and his sister Gemma, before driving up to the Lake District.

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“Taylor would love a really old thick-walled cottage with a fire place.

“Harry’s mother and sister have vowed to help her find the perfect place!”

Would you be happy for Harry if he married Taylor? Leave your comments below…

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48 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles ‘totally in love and ready to marry Taylor Swift’”

  1. Lillian Sullivan says:

    I don’t know I mean hasn’t Talor done this before. But whatever make Harry happy means I’m happy I guess I just hope talor doesn’t break his heart same with Harry.

  2. Takara says:

    Hell no I would not be happy. She is a user.

  3. Kyleigh says:

    There is no way Harry would get married hes only 18!!!! WAY TO YOUNG!!!! And Taylor was talking about babies and marriage and Harry was freaked out by it ._.

  4. Harold says:

    Who cares they are both spoiled hollywooders. they will divorce soon after he’s caught cheating on her.

  5. Umm says:

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  6. clowey says:

    Well as long as Harry’s happy and I think that it would b like idk…

  7. Alex says:

    i would not be happy. i rather see him dating another person than Taylor.

  8. Julie says:

    I wouldn’t be happy, but if it makes him happy, then I’m okay with it. They’re too young to get married, well Harry is anyway. Seriously though they’ve only been together for like 2 months ir something like that. If they do get married, I don’t think it would be Harry’s decision. It would probably either be management or Taylors decision. Cause I mean, this is Harry were talking about. The boy with the giant blow up banana in the live while were young video. I don’t think he would be ready to make that decision yet.

  9. ItsMe says:

    He’s only 18 way too young to even be thinking about marriage. They should wait and see where this relationship goes! I have nothing against them dating it’s just that right now their in lust w/each other.

  10. Katelyn Brooke says:


  11. Amanda Styles says:

    You know what I support the relationship because it makes Harry happy, but I don’t think they’re getting married WTH are you people crazy. Harry is young and his enjoying his MASSIVE HUGE popularity, he knows what his doing and I trust him. Ill forever LOVE HIM <3

  12. shanaynay says:

    Your kidding me right?..

  13. Charlotte Rust says:

    I love 1D and i love Taylor Swift. Yeah it would be a great idea to have them get together. Maybe in the future 1D and Taylor could do a duet!!!

    SUCH FUN!!!!

  14. Crystal says:

    HAYL NO! This has gone too far! Harry is changing because of Taylor. I may not ship Haylor, but I respect them. Even if they did get married, it probably would never work out. She probably is doing this for publicity and then she’s going to leave Harry heartbroken. I can actually write an essay on this and get an A+ on it to be honest. Harry, please come back! I love them both as people but not together…

  15. Trinity says:

    Really Marriage Ok I Can Live With That But Never Beleave What You Read Good Luck You 2

  16. Sara says:

    Taylor has done this with a million guys and harry is smart enough to realize that, but he probs doesn’t want to be in a song ripping on him!!! I do think they r cute together, but it won’t last very long, they r both going on tour soon anyway with no time to see each other, it won’t work out!

  17. A-NON says:

    taylor and harry would make a cute couple. and if they’re ready for it than its up to them.
    Go for it. :)

  18. Laisha says:

    Hellll nnnooooo!!!!! nevverr

  19. Liyyah says:

    I say no because , she only dating who’s mostly in the news . She’s moving to fast and how are you going to be dating for one for 2 months and already talking about a baby . She needs to find someone her own age and back up off poor little Harry who is love with trying to be in love .

  20. Chris says:

    Harry is quite young for marriage and parenting! I always thought Taylor used her boyfriends for new albums… They’re dating for less than a month! Go slowler guys, if you love each other, you can wait and see what that will

  21. May says:

    I think they’re too young to get married O_o like…ghjewajxnnfdsxjchvnfds THOUGH, if that makes Harry happy, then I’m happy :) but I don’t ship Haylor, BUT I don’t hate Taylor <3

  22. Ghida says:

    I would cry loads if i knew that Harry And Taylor will get married :’( omgggg!!!

  23. Andrea says:


  24. Abby says:

    NO i would cry! as a matter of fact i am now taylor is gonna use harry for a damn stuid song she hurt niall and harry stuck up for her i know harry likes her but she will hurt him

  25. Haley says:

    He should not marry her 1. He is yoo young
    2. I cant see them together
    3. Shes not as great as he thinks
    4. Harry we love u and dont do this to your fans
    5. Just dont harry i will cry my eyes out

  26. Christina says:

    no i would not be sorry. #Sorrynotsorry

  27. Katerina Moore says:

    I would want to e invited to the wedding…that’s all I’m saying. Harry if you see this, hit a girl up with and invite @katerinamoore

  28. Anonymous says:

    I Love Harry To Deth But Taylor Is Not For Him The Way She Just Goes Through Guys It’s Horrible I Dont Wanna See My Harry Heart Broken :( Cause When He Is I Am Too and Same With Other Boys (1D). I Dont Hate Taylor I Hate HAYLOR.

  29. Deanna says:

    No! And I Hate The Fact That He Lied To Us It Just Breaks My Heart :( Where Is The Harry We Use To Know, Taylor Has Changed Him. I Knew He Wouldn’t Ever Lie To Us Until Taylor Came?
    Harry Why Did You Lie?

  30. whatisthishayloryouspeakof says:

    hell no.

  31. haylorsbull says:

    She needs to leave him alone. Harry she is going to break your heart. Don’t keep the relationship going. It’ll only end badly

  32. HELLNO says:


  33. Rachel says:

    I’m just wondering, where was I when all this happened? I don’t ship Haylor but I really don’t want to say any bad stuff about them. But marriage at 18? I think that might be taking it too far.

  34. Reina says:

    It can not be true!

  35. Reina says:

    I hope that Harry will not do so, as he himself has said it would make all the fans to be happy! Harry must not do that! Although I like Taylor, but do not think that Harry would be happy with him!:(

  36. Reina says:

    I hope that Harry will not do so, as he himself has said it would make all the fans to be happy! Harry must not do that! Although I like Taylor, but do not think that Harry would be happy with she!:(

    • lily says:

      Don’t go hating on Taylor shes only trying to be happy.. Let me guess you say “she doesn’t deserve to be happy” why?? So what she dated 6 guys in the last 6 years…. Doesn’t mean she used them.

  37. micaela smit says:

    I’m sorry harry! ….. I think you deserve better than Taylor. I’ve always hated Taylor does not seem like a girl who can be comfortable with Harry ….. I’m sure Harry Taylor will suffer ……. I remember one thing Harry BEST MALE ONLY THAT PERSONS ………… I love the one direction and especially HARRY ….. .’re beautiful …..

  38. nialler says:

    Nooo!! Guys! Remember! The day Harry gets married with Tayl o r is the day we (directioners) die. .. Well yeahh i 100% diagree Taylor is just using him for his fame… Ohh shut up Taylor!

  39. nialler says:

    We are never ever ever ever gonna ship Haylor~

  40. Sonia says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Harry may not be my favorite member of 1D, but this is stupid.

    Taylor has had 6 boyfriends in the past two years and we all know how they ended: with her blaming the guy and writing him a break-up song.

    • isabella says:

      No its that she been with 6 guys in the last 6 years not 2. Check your research. And all of them have used her except for 2 of them. She desserves to be happy. Oh and about the songs. She wrote all her feerless songs when she was a freshman… how old was she when it got published???… I though so. … she takes forever to write a song. I doubt that any of her songs from her new album red are any songs she wrote about any of the guys she dated in the last few years

  41. Sasha says:

    She use Harry:|Maybe not be true this news.Harry’s not stupid to marry.I miss soo much Larry:(Taylor ruin everything!!

  42. Lyndsey says:

    No ?! He’s only 18 :\ plus Taylor’s a user ! :)

  43. Jenny says:

    I would kill myself if they got married, they aren’t good together.

  44. Maroon says:

    ok, harry is a real creep if you want my opinoin. Also a lot of what you read here is likely not to be true. But if it is totally completely true, I think Harry is way to young.And since they are both famous I could imagine them ending up like most other famous couples, divorced and haters. I really wouldn’t want that to happen. (such drama queens) Plus, Larry was SO MUCH BETTER!

  45. lucy says:

    I think that Taylor is USER and look for fame!!.but if Harry wants her and she didn’t start to look for famous just like with Harry;it’s gonna be okay for them!!