One Direction 2012: Niall Horan’s ex Holly Scally is NOT dead, but Louis Tomlinson could’ve been!

Fans of Niall Horan – who is of course a 1D band member – were shocked yesterday to read on Twitter that his ex-girlfriend, Holly Scally, had died of cancer!

However, fortunately, it turned out that a “sick troll” posted the message, which read, “Guys, I had some really bad news, Niall’s ex-girlfriend Holly has passed away due to cancer”.

The ‘prankster’ also posted a picture of Niall and Holly together, with ‘RIP’ written on it.

A source close to Niall told the Sun, “This is just some sick hoax — Holly is absolutely fine.”

Thank goodness for that! But Niall’s fellow 1D band member Louis Tomlinson could have put his life in danger – and that of his mate Stan’s – when a race in an Aston Martin against rival pop singer Conor Maynard nearly ended in disaster…

Apparently Louis, who’s described as being a “petrolhead” desperately wanted to win the race against Conor, and nearly crashed his car to do so.

A source told The Sun, “Louis is really into his cars and found himself racing against new lad Conor.

“He wanted to win and almost spun off the track because he was going so fast.

“Luckily Louis recovered his composure and took the title.”


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