One Direction 2012: Wanna date Harry Styles? Got 69p? He’s yours!

Millions of girls – and some more mature ladies for that matter – daydream about dating 1D star Harry Styles, and now, thanks to a doody and dandy iTunes app, you can, and it’ll only cost you 69p!

The Metro reported on the new app today, which will enable purchasers to go on a virtual date with Harry, and if the date goes well and Harry likes you, you can work up to having him propose to you!

The app, which is currently on sale on iTunes, also includes gazillions of pictures of Harry, and fans can even choose whether to go for dinner or just have a coffee with the floppy haired heartthrob.

But MTV adds, “However, locking lips with Styles comes at a price, with a button that allows fans to share an imaginary kiss with Harry costing more money…”

Well who wouldn’t part with literally pence to snog Harry! And you can do so by getting app, so click here to go there and get your piece of Styles action.

And if you do, and you get on well with virtual Harry, you could find yourself being the envy of women everywhere, but there, that comes at a price, as Emma Ostilly, Caroline Flack and now, Ellis Calcutt can attest.

Ellis took to Twitter recently to deny that she’s dating Harry after the haters heard she was.

She tweeted, “Wow, you people are sooo quick to make up rumours!

“Me & Harry went for coffee together as we haven’t seen each other since last year!

“We’re only good friends and have been since high school. I have a lovely boyfriend called Phil so you can stop spreading rumours about me and Harry dating each other because we absolutely are not!”

So there.

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