One Direction 2013: What freaky gift does Ellen DeGeneres have for Niall Horan?

by Anna Howell

One Direction star, Niall Horan, is about to receive probably the weirdest piece of fan mail ever, and not from a crazed fan either, but from US talk show sensation Ellen DeGeneres!

DeGeneres tweeted a picture of a papier-mâché bust a fan made of her, saying that she was going to donate it to the Irish singer as she thinks it looks more like him than her (we honestly don’t know which one should be more insulted right now, but our thoughts go out to the papier-mâché artist who will most likely never get into art school now!).

DeGeneres, who as well as being the host of the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show also currently co-ordinates a vegan outreach website titled ‘Going Vegan with Ellen, posted the picture, shown above, on social networking site Twitter along with the caption:

“I got so many great busts of myself, I’m gonna start sending them to other stars they could be. Heads up @NiallOfficial.”

As scary as receiving such an item in the post would be, we are pretty sure that Niall will see the funny side given his history with the legendary comedian and chat show host!

Last year Niall, and the rest of One Direction, appeared on Ellen’s epic chat show to promote their second album, Take Me Home.

The humorous and light hearted interview saw Niall reveal what he looks for in an ideal girlfriend, saying: “I like someone that’s cute. Someone I can have a laugh with. And I also like people that are American. And you all qualify!”

Afterwards, the Irish singer tweeted: “What an amazing day at @theellenshow ! So much fun! I love Ellen.”

To which Ellen replied: “It was one for the history books.”

Watch One Directions interview with Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres show in the clip below: