One Direction fans freak as Liam Payne takes his life in his hands! Where’s Sophia Smith?

One Direction fans freak as Liam Payne takes his life in his hands! Where’s Sophia Smith?

liam payne

Liam Payne has caused a bit of a furore online tonight, after a picture emerged of him behaving rather dangerously.

One Direction’s Liam Payne apologises for crazy balcony stunt – fans blame Sophia Smith

The One Direction star was reportedly rather drunk last night, as he partied for hours, starting off at Zayn Malik’s birthday bash in London.

One Direction’s Liam Payne apologises for crazy balcony stunt – fans blame Sophia Smith

Liam’s pals revealed that they crashed Zayn’s party, before heading back to Payne’s pad for some video games. They later hit the clubs for a night of drinking and dancing.

We reported this morning that some onlookers claimed the 1D hunk was so drunk he ignored his girlfriend as they left Zayn’s house and apparently when he got home the Little Things hitmaker was still rather inebriated.

A friend of the X Factor singer has uploaded pictures which seem to show Liam walking on the outside of the balcony of his London apartment.

All day Directioners all over the world have been reacting to the shots and it’s fair to say that many are terrified by the photos.

One Direction: “Super drunk” Liam Payne ignored Sophia Smith at Zayn Malik’s party!

One posted:

liam payne twitter 2


Another tweeted:

“Liam be careful I don’t wanna see “liam payne member of one direction falls off roof top””

A third wrote:


What we want to know is why Sophia wasn’t grabbing her man by the collar and pulling him indoors! If that was our man we would have had a few choice words to pass along.

Liam Payne Christmas

In the end it all worked out well and Liam survived the dangerous stroll and later joined his pals in Funky Buddha nightclub for some merriment.

He tweeted last night as he headed out saying:

“Rap battles in the car so funny aha”

This morning he added:

“Had some strange dreams yesterday wonder what they all mean”

Check out the video of Payno partying in the capital below.

Still, we have to admit, these shots have us kind of concerned. Can you imagine the headlines Directioners? Leave your comments below….

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25 Responses to “One Direction fans freak as Liam Payne takes his life in his hands! Where’s Sophia Smith?”

  1. Clarissa says:

    It wasn’t like this when he was dating Danielle, that’s all I have to say!

  2. Kaylyn Owens says:

    If that was my boyfriend, I’d be grabbing him saying he’s not drinking for a year.

  3. gabby says:

    My god, LIAM! What the heck are you doing? Danielle would never let him do this. I miss her.

  4. katelyn says:

    If Liam was my man I would of grabbed him when I saw this on twitter I had too read more I was literally freaking out as for me being a liam girl it made me terrified I’m thankful he’s okay but Liam seriously has to be careful with what he does we Directioners don’t want to see in the newspaper or the news a member of One Direction has Died I wouldn’t stop crying

  5. jen says:

    Damn punctures!

  6. meh says:

    what the hell does zayn did to him?, this just make me more believe in ziam… 😀

  7. Mika says:

    OMG Liam please be careful! I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt! Get off the roof!

  8. Nida says:

    I’m shocked,that’s all I can say…Please,Liam remember how much people love you,care for you…You just can’t do stuff like that! Imagine you’re mum seeing this…We’re just worrying about you! You’re allready bat-man! But with your heart,not ability to fly.=)

  9. Nida says:

    Liam…Everybody is worrying about you!Imagine your mum now! Gosh…stop it! We’re realllyyyy nervous.If you care about your fans,then seriously cut it out.Because we love and care about you…

  10. Nida says:

    srr about the two same messages.I didn’t see the first one :D.

  11. Maddie says:

    Omg please get done if Danielle was here she would have never let this happen

  12. Rad says:

    It’s just way too early for the 2014 Darwin Awards.

  13. Sarah says:

    Liam’s changed so much, it’s all about the party lifestyle and getting drunk and smoking. Those commenters are right he wasn’t like this when he was with Danielle but then she was in it for love where as Sophia is about the fame.

    What kind of friends let you jump on the balcony when you’re drunk and 34 floors up wtf!

  14. Malou Bundgaard says:

    Why is everyone freaking out?! Young people do stupid things when they are drunk.. he is like every other young guy. They always say they are like every other guy. ANd that includes partying, doing stupid things and trying things. I don’t think he is the only one who have tried standing on a balcony while drunk. I´m a Directioner too, and I’m not that worried. Nothing happened, everyone´s safe. So why freaking out? He probably just doing to for fun! So relax, calm down and let them live their life, like every other young guy!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    It is a pretty neat picture, though. I mean look at it. It looks pretty awesome. He should try it again when he’s sober and then do a photo shoot or something.

  16. Alexis Heist says:

    You have some serious gramatical errors. How do you spell the person who is the star of the articles name wrong.?

    Also, what does it matter.? People do crazy stuff like that all the time and the whole world doesn’t make a giant fuss about it. Let Liam be Liam, and stay outta his business.

  17. Shay says:

    Okay, let me start out by saying who Liam dates or doesn’t date anymore has NOTHING to do with his lifestyle choices. I’m so sick of people saying he was more sensible with Danielle. You don’t know what he’s really like, so don’t make judgements based on ‘who you ship more’ or whatever. Liam’s happy with Sophia, gosh, he’s even taken her on the red carpet! Like, honestly, tell me that isn’t level-headed. And so what if she never smiles or hardly does in public shots? It just proves she’s not there for the money or the fame. Anyway, secondly, yes it was stupid for him to stand on the edge of his own apartment, no railing or anything. But, he was under the influence of alcohol and alcohol results in very riaky behaviour – especially from boys. The only reason thos is amy different is because Liam is famous. I’m sure if a normal guy died from doing something stupid whilst inebriated most people would shake their heads and move on. So just try to put it behind you ’cause he’s still alive, still here to make music for us. And that in itself should be celebrated. Many people go through the reckless partying phase, and while ot may not pitch a good image at 1D’s target audience, we are all only human after all. Hopefully he will settle down soon. :)

  18. Alexandra Rose says:

    Ok, so aside from the dangerousness behavior and all the drama I find it so sweet that Liam finds it necessary to say srry for bumping into that girl in the club, lol even though she probably can’t hear what he is saying anyway… So sweet❤️😘😍

  19. Nafeesa says:

    Liam payne! if your batman on a roof at least were the cape :p

  20. Jacklyn says:

    First of all I don’t understand what Liam’s behavior while together with Danielle, and now Sophia, has to do with this. He isn’t with Danielle anymore it’s in the past.Second, we all love Liam and it’s a bit scary to see that picture knowing that he could have fallen. Thank the Lord he didn’t but yes, he is a 20 year old he is going to do stupid things, I just wish he didn’t do this. I’m just glad that he’s okay and SAFE

  21. Joana Ayala says:

    Dude are you gues serious get over Payzer!!!! What it’s not like she can be with him 24/7 you guys probably make bad choices and your parents aren’t always there. Sofia doesn’t have he blame and you know I think even if he was Danielle he probably would of still done it. HE WAS DRUNK!!!!!!!!! So leave her alone and get over the old relationship it’s not fair for Sophia. You guys never gave her a chance she at least needs a chance.

  22. ariana says:

    I agree with shay. Sophia has nothing to do with this. I love Liam and I wish I could date him but I cant and I’m ok with that I dont feel the need to bash his girl friend. Sure Liam was being kinda stupid but hay hes 20 and famous hes going to do stupid things. He admited what he did was wrong. Sure one direction has changed a bit but do you blame them the fans get in there faces and tell them how they should act. We are getting to carried away we just need to give them space and chill. There was a time I was proud to be a directioner but look at our actions we treat the boys like shit. The fact that they still suport and love us is a merical. Let them live their lives. We don’t need to tell them who to date or how to act. as long as they don’t do illegal drugs or go to prison we should respect who they are and not tell them who they should be.

  23. Tyler Gavin says:

    Danielle would have probably snacth Liam up then there and now

  24. unknown says:

    Just wanna say that people should appreciate celebs for who they are and not try and get in their ways! Especially papz! I mean how would you feel is your private life was being ruined by people when they took photos and made up stories. Also what I wanna say is that you may not have noticed but celebs are changing more and more every time a rumour is spread!For example a male might not be liked for a certain feature so they will do anything to try and change that! Have you ever thought to yourself about how imperfect a celeb life is? Think of: the hate, the papz butting in their lives, the fans that scream so loud! They may be famous but they deserve a normal life. I mean do you ever see random people with talents swarmed by ” fans” and their personal lives ruined when a pap takes a photo and jumps to conclusions? No you haven’t coz its not normal and if your a pap or a fan think of what the disadvantages of being a celeb is and wonder do they deserve that?!

  25. unknown says:

    OK so Danielle woulda helped but what if Sophie had no idea he had done that