One Direction’s Harry Styles takes to Twitter for disguise tips! And Entourage star wants Justin Bieber in movie spin-off!

harry styles, justin bieber

Famous people such as One Direction’s Harry Styles and Justin Bieber – who as mentioned in the title of this article is in demand for a movie spin-off but more on that in a mo – of course find it’s nigh on impossible to go anywhere unrecognized…

But there are of course tried and tested methods of going about your business unnoticed, and these things usually involve wigs, perhaps a pair of glasses and even mayhap a false nose.

So with that in mind, the Daily Star reports that Harry sent a tweet to “asking if they’d send him a face mask of bushy, moustachioed scientist Professor Robert Winston to wear as a disguise.”

So if you see Professor Winston out clubbing, be aware it may not be the man who pioneered IVF treatment…

On now to that story about Justin Bieber, and apparently Entourage star Adrian Grenier wants the Canadian teen to appear in a movie spin-off.

He said, “We want Justin. I saw his documentary and thought he was so cool.

“I think he would be great.”

But of course, were he to star in it, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d dabbled at acting because he also starred in crime drama CSI, as did Harry’s ex, Taylor Swift.

justin bieber, csi

Justin’s role was as troubled adolescent named Jason McCann, who found himself in conflict with his own family, the CSI division and indeed, himself.

And actually, Justin received pretty rave reviews for his role!

Here’s a reminder of it…

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