Personal trainers Charlotte Ord and Rob Edmond join Biggest Loser – premieres January 2012!

ITV have announced that Davina McCall is coming back with a new series of The Biggest Loser in just a few weeks time.

The former Big Brother star – who is currently fronting Channel 4 gameshow series Million Pound Drop Live – will return to our screens with 14 overweight hopefuls who are desperate to shed some pounds and change their lives.

Instead of a sprawling ranch in which the US version takes place, the contestants will instead take residence in an English Leicestershire mansion and will combine a programme of rigorous exercise with healthy eating in a bid to triumph on the reality TV show.

In the first episode, viewers meet the UK’s heaviest ever Biggest Loser contestant, as well as seeing oneteam member making a devastating discovery which leaves them alone to face the trials ahead.

The series premiere will see the contestants split into seven pairs and each will have to head home and face their families and their fears in a hometown weigh-in. Davina will shake things up even more, as she sets them an opening challenge and informs the chunky hopefuls that they must run 5K to the Biggest Loser house before they even get to unpack their bags. The couple who arrive over the finish line first have immunity at this week’s while the couple who arrive last are automatically up for elimination and will face the couple who have lost the least amount of weight at the end of the week.

After the departure and then death of former trainer Angie Dowds, the contestants will instead work with veteran Biggest Loser fitness expert Richard Callender along with 2010 Personal Trainer of the Year, Charlotte Ord, and ex-Special Forces, Rob Edmond.

Will you be tuning in? Leave your comments below.

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8 Responses to “Personal trainers Charlotte Ord and Rob Edmond join Biggest Loser – premieres January 2012!”

  1. M King says:

    Yrs. Love this programme, and it inspires others to get tnemselves into shape and shed a few pounds! Will miss Angie though…she was great as a trainer on the show!

  2. Linda says:

    I cant watch it anymore without Angie :(

  3. PJ says:

    Why do trainers think that bullying is a way to motivate? I find it demeaning and counter productive. It is very uncomfortable for me to watch and I won’t be watching the program again.

    • Gail says:

      Up until recently PJ I would have agreed with you. However I have worked with a personal trainer for the last two months, She has pushed me beyond my limits and the bullying as you call it motivates. Personal Trainers take you out of your comfort zone. They increase your fitness level beyond your expectations.

  4. scrumpy says:

    Terrible that they did not pay tribute to Angie, just a very small line in the end credits.

  5. Jim says:

    Rob Edmond did not pass Regular SAS selection. Sadly his CV is very selective with the truth for media hype and gain. He passed and was badged to SAS(R) and served briefly with the TA and therefore part-time. Any guy with the TA SAS has to do full selection for (22) SAS, they do not get any fast track allowance and therefore are not equal within the MOD. Chris Ryan was one of a few notable TA SAS guys to then go on and pass 22. Very rare indeed. The step up is massive. Rob Edmond did not but hey media hype counts for everything these days. Sad but true.

    I miss Angie.

    • micky says:

      Defo agree Jim, I’ve got SF background and although passing TA PARAS and then SAS(R) is a really great achievement, so all credit to Rob he’s very fit and defo don’t want to knock that. But you can’t really compare it to passing SAS selection. I think the general public get confused how different the standards are, despite looking very similar on paper. Not helped by the Regiments media policy of neither confirm or deny. Both myself and many squaddies I know are very uncomfortable with how Rob Edmond has worded his CV… very misleading. Plus his training style seems very OTT at times/borderline cruel regarding the type of contestants. Many things about this guy doesn’t sit well with me. I too miss Angie, she was a great trainer and still had compassion. What a great loss.

  6. Jan says:

    I think Rob is well scrummy!!!