Peter Andre doesn’t want presents for his birthday – he wants his late brother back

by Lisa McGarry

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Peter Andre has admitted that he won’t be celebrating his birthday as much as usual this year, because he is still grieving for his brother who passed away just a few months ago.

The reality TV star turns 40 tomorrow but is still feeling the pain, after his older sibling Andrew died from kidney cancer in December 2012. He was just 54 at the time.

Peter knows he can’t bring his brother back, but he admitted that his return is the only real wish he could make on his big day.

Andre wrote in his new! magazine column saying:

“The only thing I would really like is to have my brother, Andrew, back with me, but obviously that’s one birthday wish that isn’t going to come true, sadly.”

Pete will be able to spend his big day with his two young children though and he will be taking his and Katie Price’s kids Junior, 7, and Princess, 5 on a trip.


He said: “As I mentioned last week, the kids weren’t with me over half-term as it wasn’t my turn, but they’re helping me to celebrate my 40th this weekend as we’re all going on a camping trip.

“They’re so excited, bless them, and so am I!”

Peter wants his birthday to be a low key affair, with no fuss, no big parties and no presents.

He is just happy to be surrounded by his family at this poignant time and continued:

peter andre

“I don’t actually want any presents this year – I’ve got everything I want and will be more than happy spending time with Junior, Princess and the rest of my loved ones. ”

He added: “I’m planning to celebrate my 40th birthday by doing four different things – one for each decade of my life.

“Last week, I couldn’t decide on the fourth thing, but I’ve hit on the idea of going to Graceland, the legendary Memphis mansion where Elvis Presley once lived.


Peter has returned to work this month, after taking some time off to be with his family following his brother’s passing. It sounds like he is finding the whole thing a little bit tiring and he tweeted a few days ago saying:

“Early mornings. Nothin a double espresso won’t fix. Tired as today. What’s your day looking like?”

He also thanked his fans for their support over his difficult time, adding:

“On a serious note though, in what’s been the worst time of my life, your support has been incredible. Thank you.”

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