Peter Andre’s brother Andrew has died aged 54, leaving Pete “inconsolable and devastated”

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There’s very sad news today as it’s been revealed that Peter Andre’s brother Andrew, who was 54, has died after losing his battle with cancer.

Fans of Pete’s will know that on December 7th, his management issued a statement to say that Andrew’s condition – he had cancer of the kidneys – had taken a turn for the worse and that Peter would be at his side to support him and his family as it was expected that Andrew would deteriorate further.

Peter postponed his tour and rescheduled dates for 2013 as his parent flew over from Australia to be with Andrew in Chelsea’s Royal Marsden hospital. But sadly, Andrew died at 2am on Sunday morning.

Just hours ago, Pete’s spokeswoman said, “Pete just can’t speak at the moment…

“Everyone was at Andrew’s side — his wife, daughter, Pete and their parents — the whole family.

“Andrew woke up, looked around at everyone to say goodbye, and then fell asleep. He passed away in his sleep. It was very peaceful.

“This is the first member of Pete’s immediate family to pass away and he is obviously devastated.

“The whole family is in shock and need time and privacy to grieve.”

Of the staff at the Royal Marsden, the spokeswoman said, “They did everything they possibly could to help Andrew.

“It has all happened so quickly. This time last year he just thought he had a tummy ache. It’s terrible.”

Peter and his brother, Andrew

Peter and his brother, Andrew

Peter is now making plans for Andrew’s funeral, but it’s not known yet if that will take place here in the UK or in Australia.

Our thoughts are of course with Peter and his family at this very sad time.

Please do leave your messages of condolence below.

Here’s a reminder of a news report about Peter postponing his tour…

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26 Responses to “Peter Andre’s brother Andrew has died aged 54, leaving Pete “inconsolable and devastated””

  1. Babsie V says:

    Peter so so sorry to hear the passing of Andrew, I too have lost a brother he was 27 & it was 13 years ago under different circumstance but the gap it leaves in your life is intense but does slowly begin to heal in time. At least Andrew is no longer suffering & is free from pain. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the whole Andre family at this sad sad time. RIP ANDREW, stay strong & help each other through this, sending lots of love & big hugs xxxxxx

  2. Kay says:

    Pete im so so so sorry to read this bad news . my hart goes out to you and your lovely family . R.I.P. Andrew x

  3. Julie Gaskell says:

    dear peter and family friends and Andrews fans.. So So Sorry for your loss Andrew had became an awesome celebrity and his smile iz adorable and watching peters programme My Life; as a fan of peters i adored andrew and his courage to share his life with us on tv.. andrew you wont be forgotten your always be a beautiful memory to everyone who knew you. RIP Andrew and look upon your family from time to time and hoping they stay stong at this sad time… sending love and hugs to you all xx

  4. karen says:

    I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your brother . I’m in tears , I no how u feel sending lots of love to the family . Rip Andrew xx

  5. emma says:

    r.i.p. andrew andre im in tears to that sad news youll always be remembered as the celebrity that made ppl smile youll be strongly missed by your family and friends aND fans ….. as a light shines in the sky you took our hearts and made us smile your the biggest celebrity that i ever new so i put this poem together for everyone to see that youll always be the shining star up in the sky.farewell to a great person.

  6. Jackie says:

    Sleep tight up in heaven with the Angels Andrew , you were an inspiration to others the way you fought so hard to stay with your family , my heart breaks for you all , such a lovely man taken to soon :-( xXx

  7. Lisa woods says:

    rest in peace Andrew you are free from pain now… all the Andre family my thoughts are with you at this very sad time xxxxxx

  8. pam bradbury says:

    such sad news that andrew has lost his battle with kidney cancer i was diagnosed with it too in june 2012 lets hope that people will know more and do more for it, thinking of you all at this sad time hugs to you all xx

  9. rebecca says:

    pete im so so so sorry to hear about your brother passing thinking about you and your family at this difficult time RIP Andrew xxx

  10. Lucy Hardwicke and Mum Marie says:

    We send our heartfelt condolences to you all (through our tears) Rest in Peace Andrew and may God be with you all.

  11. Chantal says:

    So sorry for your loss Peter. Out thoughts and prayers are with you. May Andrew rest in peace with the angels xxx

  12. Sue Reid says:

    Thoughts prayers and condolences R.I.P Andrew

  13. Roz Wilson says:

    So sorry for your loss Pete. My husband is also
    Fighting a battle with lung and sinus cancer. Every
    Day is a blessing. Andrew is at peace now. He will
    Know he will be deeply missed. My thoughts are with
    You and your family. Xx

  14. Jo Egdell says:

    My heart goes out to you and your family! Andrew will be an wonderful musical Angel looking don on you all! R.I.P

  15. kay says:

    so sorry to hear of your sad loss, god bless andrew and all your family, i also lost a brother years ago but the pain never leaves you and you never forget them, cherish all those memories and good times you had together blessed be x

  16. Jane Price says:

    So Said to hear about poor Andrew. My husband lost 2 brothers last year. one at 57 to the same as Andrew and the other brother who was 44 to brain tumours. Then this year lost his mum on his birthday. All rest in peace and at least they are n ot in any pain. Very sad though to be so young. Thinking of you Peter.

  17. lorraine says:

    R.i.p Andrew :’(:’(:’(:’(:’(:’(:’(

  18. Lisa jarrett says:

    What a tragedy,its unbelievable to hear the tragic news of the loss of Andrew.Stay Strong.You have a beautiful family.

  19. carol green says:

    So sorry of your sad loss Peter my heart goes out to all the family l lost a brother to cancer a few years back and its deverstating be strong for your family and children god bless Andrew he is in a better place now x

  20. Daniele says:

    Dear Pete,
    I am sorry for your brother, he must be proud of have a family like he had, you did everything for save his life and show him all your love for him, this was very important for him.
    He is resting in peace, good people go for a good place, he his arround of angels and happy.
    Be strong and all my best for you.

  21. Ann says:

    To peter & family

    So sorry for your loss. Andrew had strength and courage. He is now a shinning star and will not be forgotten in your hearts and the hearts of many. R. I. P

  22. Gillian Clewes says:

    My thoughts are with Pete and his family at this sad time. R.I.P Andrew your at peace now and out of pain.

    God bless you all

    Gillian Clewes

  23. Michelle Le Roux says:

    I have only just read & heard about your brother Andrew passing, it seems all soo quick. I am so sorry & feel your pain, your such an emotional guy as i am woman & family mean everything. i wish i could take your pain away. may Andrew R.I.P & may you all get through this somehow.
    God bless
    Michelle Le Roux

  24. Sarah Sidway says:

    To Peter and all rest of the family
    I’m so so sad to hear about the loss of your older brother Andrew
    I lost my lovely Nan to cancer 6 years ago she had to have chemo and radio therapy and it was very hard for my family to see someone that we loved so much slowly slip away
    And a couple of years ago my lovely cousin Sean died suddenly only within a couple of days of feeling unwell which was even more tragic as he seemed fit and well and was only 30 years old and had never married or had any children! No one had a chance to say goodbye to him or vice versa and his death was a big shock to the family
    I believe they are always around us in spirit and we must as much as we miss them soldier on keeping all of the memories alive X

  25. Angela shinks says:

    Peter am so sorry to hear about brother as i lost my brother 15th November a month b4 Andrew so I now what your going threw as I’m the baby of 7 children I am 39 and my brother was the eldest he was only 47 he died in his sleep we won’t now what caused it till 29th January everyday it hurts but it will get better I promise just keep your chin up that’s what Andrew would have wanted because I know my brother did he hated anyone crying but you carnt help it I hope you and your family are ok and I send all my love to you all take care xxxx