Sally Morgan: Star Pyshcic

Sally Morgan: Star Psychic is a new smash hit television show which features the astounding medium that is Sally Morgan. A psychic since she was nine months old, Sally has decided to unleash her talent onto the ITV2 audience. A close friend of the movie stars, the Royals and ordinary people alike, Sally leaves those she reads for utterly gobsmacked. Join Sally as she uncovers the real truth and gossip within the lives of celebrities, past, present and deceased. From television stars to radio presenters, musicians and soap stars, Sally discovers the juicy secrets that were supposed to remain hidden – until now!

Sally is the showbiz medium du jour having read for cinema legend Robert DeNiro, George Michael, Bob Geldolf, Uma Thurman and perhaps most notably the late Princess Diana. Throughout this ten part documentary style series, the ITV2 cameras follow psychic Sally as she reads for Kate Lawler, Lee Otway, Christian O’Connell, James Hewitt, Meg Matthews, Danny Dyer, Stephen Gately, Jeff Brazier, Kym Ryder, Nell McAndrew and the girls from WAGs Boutique. Sally is guaranteed to have viewers throughout Britain shouting at their TV screens “How could she possibly know that?” Can she convince the Love Island gang to shed their partying personas and will she be able to pass Marilyn Monroe’s message from beyond the grave? Can Sally prevent Lee Otway from being blackmailed and is she able to unlock the truth behind the tragic death of Jeff Brazier’s dad?

Each week Sally’s psychic aptitude is put to the test. Are Sally’s readings just as accurate over the telephone or internet? Throughout the series she uses You-Tube to track down members of the public to whom she feels drawn. Whether the case involves a murder or a marriage problem, a family issue or a forensic challenge, Sally uses her gift to help those deserving candidates. Her ability is so strong that not only can she read people’s past and predict their futures, she can also see, hear and speak to dead people with astonishing results.

Sally prides herself on being able to extract accurate information from her clients, providing the ultimate gossip and inside track on some of Britain’s favourite celebs. Rated as one of the world’s top mediums, don’t miss ITV2’s new entertainment show, Sally Morgan: Star Psychic if you want to catch all the exclusive secrets first.

ITV2 Friday 30 March 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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