Simon Cowell’s biographer Tom Bower says Cheryl Cole was too thick for X Factor USA!

Tom Bower has certainly opened more than one bag of cats with his unauthorized biography of X Factor and BGT guru Simon Cowell, and in a recent interview with Now magazine, Bower claims that he knew Cheryl Cole wouldn’t last on X Factor USA because “she’s not very intelligent.”

He also told the magazine that Simon had confided in him that he was unhappy with Steve Jones’ abilities as presenter of X Factor USA.

Bower said, “I was sitting next to Simon the whole time during The X Factor US last year, and I immediately knew that Cheryl Cole wasn’t working.”

He added, “I flew with him from LA to New York, and even before that he’d asked me what I thought about her, and I’d said: ‘She’s not working and Steve Jones is even worse.’

“He was determined to make it work, but I had my doubts.”

And just to make it all that bit more painful for Cheryl, just as it looked like she’d forgiven Simon for a variety of transgressions against her, Bower added, “I’d sit with Cheryl at mealtimes and, in my opinion, her real problem is she’s not very intelligent…

“The way she turned up on the first day in LA dressed in those ludicrous clothes [the purple trousers and orange top] like she was going to a Newcastle disco.

“I knew instantly that she was out of her depth.”

O dear – all eyes to Twitter for Cheryl’s response!

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