Singer Labrinth denies saying BGT and X Factor are “absolute s**t!”

The Metro recently published an article in which it claimed that singer Labrinth had told them that he considered Simon Cowell’s reality shows, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor to be “absolute s**t!”

However, Labrinth has taken to Twitter to deny that he said any such thing, and given that he was the first artist to be signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco who hadn’t been ‘found’ via a reality TV show, it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t want Simon thinking he’d been dissing him.

Look at me, using words that’re down with the kids.

Ok, I’ll stop it.

Following the article appearing in the paper and its online version, Labrinth – whose real name is Timothy McKenzie – tweeted, “I’ve gotta give it to the metro paper for there amazing ability to reconstruct words in controversial b******t…

“Come on now why would I s**t on my own family.”

However, later, Labrinth seemed to concede that he had made the remark, or something in the same ball park as it, when he tweeted, “Lesson learned. It was a joke ha ha #detentionforlab.”

Last month, when asked by The Independent if he’d ever consider being a judge on BGT or X Factor, Labrinth said, “I don’t know, I’ll leave Simon to do that. I think he’s got that down.”

Indeed he has Lab m’boy, indeed he has.

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