Splash Final: Linda Baker gets saucy costume suggestions from fans – Jake Canuso pleads for votes!

linda barker

Linda Barker is all set to appear on Splash this evening and it seems that her fans want to see more rather than less of her.

The interior designer will face stiff competition from Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and Benidorm actor Jake Canuso on the grand finale of the ITV diving competition and this morning she admitted on Twitter that her supporters wanted to see her in some very saucy swim suits.

Linda tweeted saying:

“Interesting costume suggestions coming through, though to be fair ‘a golden flip flop’ is a better description of tonight’s dive, not outfit”

Some admirers of the star also offered her a free rub, all in the guise of helping with her fake tan too and she added:

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“And thanks for all the offers of assistance with my fake tan! So far, it’s the only thing I know I’m wearing. (You boys are so rude…) xx”

Taking a leaf out of Eddie’s book, Linda has rebranded herself as ‘Linda ‘The Lioness’ Barker’ and just minutes ago pleaded for support from her online followers, tweeting:

“1 hour to go. They’ll take my phone soon… It’s ALL on your votes tonight! Go girls! Linda xxx”

jake canuso

Jake also pleaded for votes before the show kicked of, saying:

“Not long now. Final checks and then it’s getting ready for the big finale. Fingers crossed. Gonna try give you the best dives tonight! :-”

Do you think Linda or Jake can win tonight? Leave your comments below…

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