Splash results: Omid Djalili promises somersaults for semi final – Jake Canuso wins over Jenni Falconer!


Omid Djalili was voted through to the Splash semi final.

The comic received the most public votes after diving off the ten metre board earlier in the evening. he was the only star to attempt a jump from such a height and the viewers obviously appreciated his effort.

Omid promised that he will pull out all the stops for the semi final, and show off his best ‘spins and somersaults.’

Meanwhile, Jake Canuso and Jenni Falconer were in second and third place and competed in a ‘splash off’, which saw them performing their dives for a second time.

After their jumps the judges were asked to choose which star they wanted to join Omid in the semis and following their head to head attempts. Judge Andy picked Jenni, because she didn’t over rotate as much as her fellow competitor, Jo Brand chose Jake because his dive was more difficult. Leon was left with the deciding vote and saved Jake, because he jumped from a higher board.

What did you think of the show this evening? Did you agree with the result? Leave your comments below…

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3 Responses to “Splash results: Omid Djalili promises somersaults for semi final – Jake Canuso wins over Jenni Falconer!”

  1. XFF says:

    Gah! I love you guys, but I wish you’d just call these types of articles ‘Splash results’ so people can scroll past without spoiling the result. It’ll probably be a turkey, but I thought I’d give it a go – guess I won’t need to now ;)

  2. Look at the title. What does it say?

  3. XFF says:

    I was referring to the bit after that ‘Omid Djalili promises somersaults for semi final’, which gave away the result. What I meant was that I’d rather you’d just called it ‘Splash results’, without adding the bit about what happened. I promise I meant no offence. I am a huge fan of your site and visit every day, I think you do a fantastic job xx