Splash! star Tom Daley piggin’ loved his April Fool’s joke!

tom daley

Yesterday was of course April Fool’s Day, which, for writers such as myself who trawl t’interweb for news that will entertain you nice peeps, is a nightmare day – which I’d ban if I could – as we try to decide which stories are real and which are not…

Some ‘japes’ are quite subtle – while some, such as one headline yesterday that claimed Jodie Marsh used Ronseal as a self-tanning agent – are not, but Splash! mentor and Olympic diver Tom Daley was last night patting himself on the back for fooling lots of his fans with a fairly long-winded joke.

It began a few days in advance when Tom posted pictures to Twitter of his “new pet” micro-pig…

The Mirror adds, “The story was repeated across the internet and even featured on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV.”

Tom finally revealed the hoax last night by posting another picture showing the pig was in fact an ornament.

He tweeted, “LOL at mail online, Saturday night takeaway and @heatworld for thinking my pig was real though ;) hahaha.”

tom daley micro pig

Other jokes yesterday included Google announcing a “scent-based search engine”, which invited users to put their noses to the screen and press Enter.

Meanwhile, YouTube issued a notice that it was shutting down, while Twitter said it was going to start charging for the use of vowels.

Jeez, what fun… not.

Is it just me or do you dislike April Fool’s Day and practical jokes of all varieties?

For now, here’s a look at some in action…

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