Splash! stars Anthony Ogogo and Jake Canuso are engaged in a battle of the budgie smugglers!

jake canuso

Fans of ITV diving show Splash! will no doubt be aware that the male contestants often wear somewhat revealing swimwear, which offers their collective lunch boxes little protection from prying eyes…

Not that I stare, no, I don’t. That doesn’t happen.

However, Olympian Anthony Ogogo and Benidorm actor Jake Canuso are reportedly actively embracing the battle of the budgie smugglers, and trying to make their pants smaller and more glitzy.

TV Biz reports, “Anthony wore bronze trunks in Week One and plans to wear a pair of snazzy silver ones for tonight’s semi-finals.

“Now Jake wants the trunks he is wearing to be made smaller — but with padded fabric. When Anthony found out, he requested the same.”

anthony ogogoA show source said, “It started out as a fashion war, but now they seem more worried about whose lunchbox has the biggest banana in it.

“They’ll have so much padding, it will be fun to see if it all stays in when they hit the water.”

However, their fellow contestant Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards reckons he’s not at all concerned about having a Speedo based wardrobe malfunction.

He said, “It would be funny if it floated to the top and I got out naked.”

Erm, I have to disagree there Edster…

You can see Anthony and Jake along with Omid Djalili, Charlotte Jackson and Linda Barker in the semi-final at 7pm tonight.

The four contestants who make it through tonight will apparently take part in a new “synchronised section” next week.

For now, here’s a look at Jake talking about Splash while attending the NTAs earlier this week…

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