Take Me Out: Aaron Withers is an escort and was convicted of punching a woman

Aaron Withers may have come across as a nice and slightly innocent boy on Take Me Out recently, but it has been reported this morning that the hunk is actually prone to hitting women.

The 32 year old man was convicted of punching his girlfriend in the face last year, after she tried to intervene in a bar fight, in which he also hit a man with a snooker cue.

Withers’ faced a court case for his crime and was ordered to pay £50 to each victim as compensation and fined an extra £200.

The spiky haired hopeful has also been revealed as a £50-an-hour escort, after it was discovered that he advertises his services online.

ITV have blamed production company Talkback Thames, as they choose the contestants and failed to carry out necessary checks on Aaron’s background.

TalkbackThames said: “We will review procedures.”

Withers responded: “It seemed like easy money, just a bit of fun. I was really skint.”

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