Taylor Swift gets distracted at gigs by fans’ homemade signs!

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US pop star Taylor Swift has revealed that she often finds it hard to concentrate while she’s onstage performing live, as she’s too busy reading her fans’ homemade signs and banners!

Taylor – who is of course One Direction singer Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend and who may or may not be now dating Harry’s best mate Ed Sheeran – said of fans making signs and banners for her gigs, “It’s amazing and adorable…

“But if there’s a really long sign and I’m trying to read it while I’m on stage I’ll start singing the lines of the sign.

“They’re all kind of a little strange. Sometimes there are giant signs of my cat’s face. I look out and there’s a giant cat.”

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Fans of Taylor’s will of course know that though she and Lego House singer Ed – he and Taylor regularly perform together and Taylor recently promised him his own ‘special room’ in her new mansion – are very close, Taylor’s BFF is her cat, Meredith, which is why fans make reference to moggies in their signs.

However, The Sun’s TV Biz suggested that maybe Taylor gets distracted more by Ed’s wardrobe than she does by banners.

The paper reports, “Ed stayed true to form at the Much Music Awards in Toronto, Canada – wearing an outfit best suited to a five-year-old’s birthday party.”

From the red carpet of the ceremony, he said, “I got voted worst dressed in 2012’s GQ so I’ve been trying to keep it up.”

Do you think his clothes are that bad? Here’s a reminder of him and Taylor onstage together…

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