The Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert and William Holman enjoy a wedding!

No they didn’t get married, it’s a bit early in the series for that, but Ashley Hebert and William Holman did attend a wedding on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

At the start of the instalment, Ashley chose phone salesman William Holman as her first one-on-one date. But she freaked him out by taking him to Las Vegas and insisting that he help her choose a wedding cake, a chef, rings from a local Jewelry store and she took him to a chapel where a preacher was ready to talk them through their ceremony.

Thankfully for Will, when the time came for Ashley to say ‘I Do’, she responded:

‘I will eventually. Just not at this moment.’

However, the pair still enjoyed a smooch at the altar and impressed with how he coped with the fake wedding, Hebert later awarded Holman with the first rose of the episode and kissed him for a second time.

She also flew out a selection of the other contestants to Nevada for a group date.

At the end of the episode, Ashley made her decision and announced that she would be keeping Bentley, while sending home Matt, Stephen and Ryan M. She admitted that Bentley may actually “be the one.” However, it seems that she is not his type and he later added:

“Amazing body, rocking butt, exciting competition but that is my extent of my interest in her, she is just not my type.”

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