The Big Reunion: Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon denies still having feelings for Blue’s Lee Ryan! And hear Blue’s new track, Hurt Lovers (VIDEO)

liz mclarnon, lee ryan

Fans of 90s bands Atomic Kitten and Blue will no doubt recall that Kitten singer Liz McClarnon and Blue’s Lee Ryan got engaged in 2003, but later split up…

However, they have been reunited for ITV2’s The Big Reunion, and it was during the show’s latest edition that Lee hinted that Liz may still have some feelings for him, but she was quick to deny that she has.

Speaking to the camera of the moment he and Liz encountered each other at ITV’s studios – when Lee claims that Liz “dodged” him – Lee said, “I was like, ‘Hey, hello, everyone, how you doing?’

“She just went really weird with me and I just saw her dodging me whichever way I went.

“I kinda grabbed her and went, ‘Hey darling, you all right?’ and she was just edging away from me.”

He added, “I don’t know why that is the case, unless she still has feelings for me?!”

However, Liz took to Twitter to set the record straight, and when a fan asked if Lee was right and she did still have some feelings for him, Liz replied, “Seriously?!?! No doll.”

The Sun’s TV Biz adds, “So that’s a clear no to this Big Reunion. The pair first got close in September 2001 when Blue and Atomic Kitten were in New York during the terror attacks. They got engaged in 2003 but later split up.”

However, irrespective of their love lives, Blue are most definitely back, and we have their comeback single – and video – for you below.

blue hurt lovers

Entitled Hurt Lovers, the song and video depicts the story of a young couple who, after a blazing row, are involved in a car crash.

The paper adds, “The song itself talks about fighting to hold on to love despite the pain it might be causing you.”

The Big Reunion continues on ITV on Thursday at 9pm, but for now, here’s the video to Hurt Lovers…

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2 Responses to “The Big Reunion: Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon denies still having feelings for Blue’s Lee Ryan! And hear Blue’s new track, Hurt Lovers (VIDEO)”

  1. RC says:

    1 of them their voice defiantly didn’t hold up over time. The song is okay. I can hear them trying to sound more current but it all still feels like they n their sound are stuck in the late 90s early 2000s. I used to be a fan of some their tracks but honestly after them pushing their way onto the Big Reunion and their attitudes I have no interest in following their careers their music and what they do. Can’t blame everything on editing either. This show is supposed to be about bands that have not reunited who were off living their lives etc and then the show brings them together for lack better words and then they work stuff out are reunited and do a gig. Sorry Blue fans but their appearances esp the 1st on the show rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. RC says:

    Will see how I feel when the series is over in a week or 2 though.