The Big Reunion: Blue’s Duncan James claims a fling with Liberty X star Michelle Heaton made him realise he’s gay! #othatsgottasting

duncan james, michelle heaton

During last night’s edition of ITV2’s hit reality show The Big Reunion, Blue star Duncan James joked that his brief fling with Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton made him realise he was in fact gay!

In an ‘Oh Burn’ remark, Duncan said, “Me and Michelle had a little thing…

“She turned me gay.”

However, on a more serious note, Duncan went on to reveal that his decision to openly reveal he’s bisexual was not an easy one to make…

He said, “Being brought up a strict Catholic, being gay was wrong….

“Being in the band, being around other gay guys, kind of made me realise it was OK.”

Yahoo’s OMG reports that he added, “I had a secret undercover relationship with one of my dancers and I couldn’t tell anybody.

“I couldn’t tell anyone. I went about 3 years of not telling anybody. I was confused. I was still sleeping with girls.”

He added, “He was heartbroken. He couldn’t be with me anymore.

“It was when he was gone out of my life, I realised who I was.”

Apropos of gayness in general, also in last night’s show, Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona revealed that she wasn’t overly chuffed to find out she had to wear a black jumpsuit, and especially not when she learned her band mates would be wearing skirts.

Kerry said, “I know I’ve got a shaved head… but I look like a lesbian in it.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian. I just don’t want to look like one.”


Here’s a reminder of The Big Reunion…

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