The Big Reunion: Blue’s Lee Ryan says “I wish someone had warned us about the dark side of fame!”

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During a webchat with Sun readers yesterday, Blue singer Lee Ryan – who is of course currently starring in ITV2’s The Big Reunion along with his band mates Duncan James, Antony Costa and Simon Webbe – revealed that he wishes he’d been warned about the “darker side” of being famous.

Blue were of course a huge hit in the 90s, and have now begun their comeback with new single Hurt Lovers.

But during the webchat, Lee said, “You do make mistakes and you get into a place where your blinkers are on you don’t see the wood through the trees…

“On a business level, you get a lot of people around you and you don’t really know what you’re signing sometimes.

“You don’t realise it’s actually damaging.”

Antony, who’s experienced dire financial problems since the band split, added, “When it all ends, for me personally I didn’t know where my had was at.

“I had people saying ‘you’ll be performing at the royal albert hall, carnegie hall…’ when really the only hall I was heading for was sod ‘all.”

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Duncan added, “We look back now and can see the people who came out of the woodwork and tried to manipulate situations.”

As mentioned above, Blue are making a comeback, not only with Hurt Lovers but also their forthcoming album, Roulette, but despite all the ups and downs they’ve been through, Simon had the last word when he said, “We have no regrets.”

Well, clearly some of you do Simon, but hey ho.

Here’s a look at Hurt Lovers…

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