ITV2’s The Big Reunion turns into The Big Row as bitching ensues between Atomic Kitten singers!

big reunion atomic kitten

As we reported earlier this week, boy band 5ive are among former hit bands who’ve reformed for ITV2 show The Big Reunion, and it seems that some of those reunions haven’t been without drama…

For a start, 5ive have become 4our as Jason ‘J’ Brown declined to take part or reform with the group, and according to the Mirror today, the members of Atomic Kitten couldn’t keep their claws in during an interview yesterday.

The paper reports, “Hilariously, Atomic Kitten (the original line-up) started bickering mid-interview.”

The drama began when band member Liz McClarnon apparently claimed she was the group’s main songwriter, to which her band mate Natasha Hamilton responded, “Er, no…

“We’re all songwriters, thank you very much. Liz is not the band’s songwriter.”

big reunion 2013And 5ive’s Scott Robinson seemingly took exception to being asked if the band would change their name now that Jason isn’t with them.

He said, “Westlife didn’t change their name when Brian McFadden left.

“Our catchphrase can be ‘5ive go four-ward’.”

But moving on from the bickering, 911 singer Lee Brennan revealed to the paper that in their heyday, he and his band members got up to all sorts of craziness.

He said, “We got deported from Bahrain because we were all naked in the hotel pool.

“We nearly got 10 years, never mind being thrown out of the country.

“The authorities put us on the first plane out of there.”

You crazy kids…

The Big Reunion launches on ITV2 on 31st January, but for now, here’s the show’s trailer…

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