The bitchfest continues as The Voice UK “rejects” are invited to audition for X Factor!

The rivalry between Simon Cowell and anything or anyone to do with BBC1’s The Voice UK has been turned up a notch, with the revelation that ITV bosses are inviting singers who were rejected by The Voice to audition for X Factor this year.

According to the Daily Express, X Factor bosses have personally contacted The Voice wannabes, such as axed Jay Norton, to come to one of X Factor’s audition venues when the show’s first rounds kick off in Liverpool on May 23rd.

In an interview with the paper, Jay said, “It was an unexpected offer and flattering to be asked.

“The Voice was a great experience, but to go from one talent show to another would be a car crash.”

But he added, “I can see why the X Factor would be interested in us because the vocal standard on The Voice is very high…

“But it is much too soon to even consider it, and I have no way of knowing what would happen or how they would treat me.

“They might choose to make an example of me in a negative way and be scathing just because I was on The Voice.”

The paper also revealed that J Marie Cooper has been invited along to audition too, but she said, “I have no problem with the show and really enjoy watching it, but I don’t want to become a professional talent show contestant.

“It would look really sad and desperate to appear on the X Factor. It’s not something I am thinking of doing right now. Or ever.”

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