The Jackson Family Wished Signature Good Luck For Britain’s Got Talent Final!

Britain’s Got Talent finalists Signature have revealed that they received a phone call from The Jackon family before the grand final, wishing them luck.

In an interview with Ben Shepherd on this morning’s GMTV show Suleman Mirza revealed:

“I couldn’t believe it, it happened about an hour or two before the show, I got a call from the security manager saying, ‘Hi, I’m here with the Jackson family – Michael’s mother and the two brothers are here – I think it’s Jackie and Tito, they’re sitting down, they wish you all the best and they’ll be voting for you.’

And then I got a call back on Sunday, I don’t think many people know this, and saying that apparently Michael’s aware of our act and he’s a big fan and he’ll be contacting us soon. I don’t know if that’s quite true, but we’ll see what happens. “

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