The Voice UK: BBC exec says he’d “love” all four coaches to return next year

Danny Cohen, who’s the Head Honcho at the BBC – though of course, the sign on his door reads Controller, not Head Honcho – has told the Radio Times that he’d “love” for, Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J to return for a new series of The Voice next year.

Assuming there is in fact going to be another series, in light of the recent and somewhat devastatingly poor viewer ratings.

However, ignoring the drop in viewers and in a glass-half-full sort of an interview, Cohen said, “I’d love all our judges to come back. I love them all in multiple ways.”

Erm, ew.

But last week, Sir Tom Jones hinted that his return to the show next year depends on whether Jessie J comes back or not…

Would you like to see all four coaches return next year? And do you even think there will be another run, given how the show’s first outing has been losing viewers week on week?

Personally, I can’t say I’m hoping for a second run. I lost interest after the first auditions show, and haven’t found it exciting or worth watching since!

I think the fact that all the artists are already established in some form or another took away much of the anticipation factor for me, and the enjoyment actually because on both BGT and X Factor, I love watching the truly god awful acts in the first few shows.

And let’s face it, the only thing marginally exciting about The Voice was the whole will-they-spin-their-seat-or-not thing, and that lasted for about a nanosecond for me.

Let us know what you think of the show and a return next year.

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