The Wanted beat One Direction and land their own American TV show!

the wanted

One Direction may have beat The Wanted in their recent American chart battle but it seems the latter are getting their own back!

It was announced yesterday that Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran ail soon be on the small screens stateside, as they’ve been signed for their own US reality TV show.

The handsome boyband are managed by Scooter Braun, the man behind Justin Bieber, and he has joined forces with American Idol host and Keeping Up With The Kardashians executive producer Ryan Seacrest for his latest venture.

Cameras will follow The Wanted while they work in LA on their next album and Ryan announced the news on twitter yesterday, tweeting:


“Excited to announce my team at @RSP is producing a new reality series starring @TheWanted on E! #TheWantedOnE.”

The Wanted posted on their official account saying:

“Secret is out! We are doing our having our own TV SHOW #TheWantedOnE !! Spread the word!!”

The show will air on E! Entertainment and will be shown in American from this June, amking it’s way across the Atlantic in the autumn.

An official press release for the new series states:

the wanted

“With recording well underway, the band head to sunny southern California to live together in the Hollywood Hills and finish recording the new album in Los Angeles,” it says.

“E! will chronicle the Wanted’s West Coast adventure on the upcoming reality series, The Wanted life, (working title) produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, SB Productions and Global TV UK. Giving a real life, non-glossy, unvarnished look at life behind the scenes in The Wanted, the TV show will bare all and truly be one of the most riveting reality TV watches of 2013.”

Ryan Seacrest sounds excited by it all and tweeted:

the wanted american idol

“We’re gonna put @TheWanted in a house here in LA for a couple months w/ every faith they’ll behave themselves. #TheWantedOnE”

“Been working with my buddy @ScooterBraun on this for a while now… glad we can finally spill the beans :) #TheWantedOnE”

Emmmm we’re not sure about the behaving bit are you girls?

Braun added:

“i have seen the pilot episode… trust me…get ready to love these guys and die laughing. @TheWanted on E! coming VERY SOON!”

Are you excited The Wanted fans? Watch the Twitcam session they recorded yesterday and leave your comments below…

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3 Responses to “The Wanted beat One Direction and land their own American TV show!”

  1. Zaynlover123 says:

    What’s funny is that I used to love the wanted and didn’t one direction but then I got the infection so I sorta forgot the wanted.I realized that they are just old men in there forties. Come on America, I don’t know if auctioneers weren’t voting at the time but one direction I’d a easy much better band then the wanted by easy far. COME ON!!!!! _upset forefinger

  2. Zaynlover123 says:

    Sorry for the typos

  3. Katlyn says:

    I’m not that big a FAN of The Wanted so… I don’t know why I clicked on this… (hmm) :/