The X Factor USA 2012: Simon Cowell does want Britney Spears to return as judge

Britney Spears X Factor USA

Simon Cowell does want Britney Spears to return as a judge on The X Factor USA despite reports she faces the axe.

The Toxic singer was said the be getting the boot before the third series of the show next year as TV bosses allegedly thought she was boring as a panellist.

However, show creator Simon says he would like the pop star to return to the show as long as she has the time.

When asked if Britney will keep her job as an X Factor judge, Simon told E! News: “I haven’t had the conversation with her whether she’d want to, what other commitments she’s got.”

britney spears simon cowell

When asked if he’d like her to return, he added: “Yeah, I think I do, yeah. But like I said, and it goes back to LA, it all depends on how much time they can give us.”

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4 Responses to “The X Factor USA 2012: Simon Cowell does want Britney Spears to return as judge”

  1. jack says:

    i think we all know that demi lovato was the worst mentor. in my opinion, she was the best judge. i think that britney was the best mentor, but BY FAR the worst judge. it’s disappointing LA reid is leaving, because be was really helpful to the performers. simon went booths ways, and demi hated on emblem3 which is why i loved her so much :D jk. but she was always spot on with my opinions, so thats good. britney? SHE SED THT WAS AMAZING N HANDED IT OVER TO THE NEXT PERSON. but, you gotta love her faces. i really want to see ross lynch on the judging panel, but he’s way too young and disney-ish. id like to see anyone BUT nick minaj :P. but don’t take this the wrong way, but HARRY STYLES. you know the simon-demi bickering? well, there’d be a double team on simon when harry joined, and if harry were to be the winning mentor it’d crack me uo because simon was his mentor. :P oh well. but selena gomez would be nice to see or maybe even tate stevens since he won last season, but he probably wouldn’t get offered it. but keeping britney on the panel i a mistake. she didn’t get involved in much of the “drama” or fun. i’d like to see harry styles and selena gomez, but that’s just me

  2. Lizzy B says:

    Who CARE!! the show is SHIT!! And Simon needs to FIRE himself!!

  3. mira says:

    selena gomez on the show would make things worse than they already are… the judging panel needs people who can sing and in my opinion that girl cannot sing. yeah britney did mess up a little bit on this season but come on it was only her first year as everyone makes mistakes the same with demi lovato who I thought was tremendous and fun to watch

  4. amy says:

    i think simon really is a pig