The X Factor USA 2012: Winner Tate Stevens claims judge L.A. Reid will be missed

LA Reid X Factor USA

The X Factor USA winner Tate Stevens claims judge L.A. Reid will be missed now that he’s left the show.

The music mogul announced his departure from the talent contest earlier this month shortly before Tate triumphed on the final last week saying that he wanted to concentrate on his label Epic Records.

And Tate has already offered himself up as a replacement for the record company impresario.

He told Rolling Stone: “He’s L.A. Reid – I don’t know how they’re going to replace him. But I’m sure they’ll find someone good.

“I kinda mentioned, ‘You know, if this whole singing thing doesn’t work out, I’ll take your place.’ He just laughed.”


The star added that he also had great respect for the three other judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

He said: “I appreciated all of them. They’re all people in the business, and they’ve been there. I think my favourite comment from Simon a few weeks ago was when he said, ‘You’re an honest and good man and you deserve a break.’ To me that was very, very cool. That felt good.”

The X Factor USA is set to return for its third season next year.

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5 Responses to “The X Factor USA 2012: Winner Tate Stevens claims judge L.A. Reid will be missed”

  1. marry says:

    Omg I am glad that tate won I just home he does some songs on the radio that I will like

  2. King says:

    I watch it but when people like tate whatever win over extreme talent such as 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar or 5th Harmony….it is obvious that its set up…

    how wants to buy music or what an old man sing boring country crap???????????????? the X factor is rigged not America’s true choice Simone COWWW

    • sophie says:

      um, excuse me? carly didnt win, for example, because shes 13. she could easily have left the same reason beatrice did, and she should of. 13 year olds should not have 5 million dollars, and did you hear what tate said? they’re just kids, they want it, he needs it

  3. Jo says:

    I enjoyed the show, but found it really hard to watch the hosts, especially the Kardashian woman. OMG what were they thinking when they hired her? She was terrible! Awkward and uncomfortable.