TOWIE: Bobby Norris hits back at Chantelle Houghton over ‘gay-by’ surrogate criticism, and Nanny Pat does the Harlam Shake!

It would seem that Gemma Collins isn’t the only person against The Only Way Is Essex star Bobby Norris’ plans to have a ‘gayby’, former Celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle Houghton, has voiced her opinions about the subject too!

Fans of the hit ITV2 reality show will know how openly gay Bobby revealed at the start of the new series his plans to find a surrogate to have a baby with, despite having no job or financial security.

His sometimes best friend, sometimes sparring partner Gemma pointed out that the plan had flaws in it- especially considering the £4000 designer pushchair Bobby had already picked out would cause a few issues in a council high-rise which is where he would end up without a job.

Bobby took great offence at Gemma’s lack of support for him and his unborn child, who he refers to as his gay-by, but it would seem that Gemma is not alone in her disapproval!

Newly single mum of one, Chantelle took to her weekly New! magazine column to express her disgust at the terminology used by Bobby, telling readers:

“I was gobsmacked that TOWIE’s Bobby Norris has said he wants a ‘gayby’.

“I’m not against gay men being fathers, but it sounds to me that he wants a new accessory rather than a baby that needs love and attention 24/7.”

This did not go down well with Bobby, who took to social networking site, Twitter, to express his disappointment at Chantelle’s comments, tweeting:

“Hugely disappointed with @chantellehought comments in @new_magazine this week #judgemental.”

“I do not “want a new accessory”, there is a major difference between wanting to be a parent and wanting a new bag #ridiculous.”

Chantelle responded almost instantly, tweeting:

“Yes I will judge u its plain wrong to call a baby a gayby. Could u explain what a gaby actually is please?”

To which Bobby responded: “It’s quite obviously a play on words Chantelle #calmdown.”

This last tweet left Chantelle silent for a while, before deciding of all the battles to pick, this wasn’t one worth her time as she tweeted a feeble make-up attempt:

“Good luck to you just didn’t agree with calling a baby a gayby X”

To which Bobby replied: “I’ll happily meet with you face to face and discuss over a latte and custard cream..x”

We are sure there is a hidden meaning in there somewhere, but have to admit we like ourselves more for not being able to work it out!

Meanwhile Nanny Pat has been making headlines of her own as, dressed as a carrot, she entertained the crowd by dancing to the newest dance craze to sweep the nation, The Harlem Shake – Don’t believe us? Watch for yourselves:

The Only Way Is Essex continues on Sunday night at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD.

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