TOWIE: Sam and Billie Faiers dad’s £1m heist court case continues, woman who hid gold bars in her bra claims she didn’t know she had them!

The woman accused of hiding gold bars in her bra after the £1million heist involving the father of The Only Way Is Essex stars, Sam and Billie Faiers, told police she stashed the loot in her bra because she panicked when detectives hunting the heist gang arrested her, a court was told.

Sheron Mancini claimed she only found the two bars each weighing up to 1kg, and equalling the size of an apple iPhone, in her coat pocket after she and her boyfriend David Gale, were stopped by Belgian police and arrested.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, she denied all knowledge of the bars to police, despite being briefly frisked on her arrest, and claimed it was only after being quizzed about the robbery and then taken to a cell that she made the discovery in her coat pocket!

Sheron Mancini- smuggling more than just peanuts!

This is apparently what caused the panic-struck decision to remove the stolen bullion from the pocket and conceal it in her underwear. However, as the jury heard, they were discovered after she was strip searched, after trying to hide them by folding up the bra around them. They fell out in front of the police when they examined the garment!

Sheron Mancini was with her husband David Gale a week after the snatch, when she was caught with the two ingots inside her bra after being stopped by Belgian police in a car, while Gale, who has already pleaded guilty for his involvement, was caught with grains of silver stolen in the same raid inside his travel bag at the same time, the Old Bailey previously heard.

“She could provide no sensible explanation for the discovery of this gold concealed in her underwear,” said prosecutor John Price QC.
“For in truth, there could be none.”

Sam and Billies dad, David Chatwood, is one of six who have pleaded guilty for the heist, estimated to be worth around £1million, along with John Corley, 52, Kyriacos Nicolas, 30, and his father Andreas Nicolas, 50, who all share a house together in Brentwood!

Members of the jury have been informed that both Faiers sisters, Billie and Sam, will be called as witnesses during the trial.

The plot was uncovered by Belgium police, who discovered lorry driver Brian Mulcahy, 46, supposedly locked inside the trailer of his vehicle at a service station near Wetteren last October 4, after transporting a consignment of 25kg of gold bullion and 150kg of silver grain from Vilvoorde, near Brussels, back to the UK.

Mulcahy has admitted his part in the crime now, previously told officers that he had been hijacked and gunpoint and his cargo stolen before he was locked inside the trailer, an account that was branded ‘pure fiction’, by Mr Price.

Adding: “Mr Mulcahy had not been the victim of a robbery

“No violence or threat or violence was used against him.

“It hadn’t been necessary for anyone to do so because in this instance the driver of the lorry was one of the thieves.”

However, the plan was never likely to succeed, or as the prosecutor put it ‘doomed to fail’, as several key players were already under surveillance by UK police.

Corley is said to have been instrumental in the plot, travelling to the continent on several occasions and attending regular meetings with other conspirators.

Corley, of Biggin Hill, Kent; and Kyriacos Nicolas, of Winchmore Hill, north London, deny alternative counts of conspiracy to steal and conspiracy to conceal, disguise, convert or transfer criminal property.

Mancini, of Roydon, Harlow, Essex; and Andreas Nicolas, of Duxford, Cambridgeshire, deny conspiracy to conceal, disguise, convert or transfer criminal property.

Mancini was cleared of conspiracy to steal on the directions of the judge after prosecutors offered no evidence shortly after a jury was sworn in to try her.

Stanely Rose, 75, Gary Cummings, 51, and Matthew Middleton, 42, along with Chatwood, Mulcahy and Gale, have already admitted their part in the plot.

Chatwood, of Brentwood, Essex; Mulcahy, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex; Middleton, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex; Rose, of Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwoodand; Cummings, of Ilford, Essex; Middleton, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, all admitted conspiracy to steal.

The trial continues.

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