Trinny And Susannah Undress The Nation: Body Shape

Trinny and SusannahIn programme three of Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation, the girls tackle issue of shape, in order to educate Britain’s women about the shape of their bodies. They firmly believe women need to dress for their shape and not their size.

“This is probably the most exciting show for us to do,” says Trinny, “because it’s going to prove to us that it’s not about size, it’s about your shape.”

To illustrate their point, Trinny and Susannah begin their mission in Swindon. They pack the town hall with 50 size 16 women of all ages and put them in identical white shift dresses – size 16 is now the average dress size for women in the UK.

“You might be a size 16 on your tits, you might be a size 16 on your arse,” says Susannah, “so it’s about your shape not about your size. Each dress is exactly the same and we’re going to see how it fits all of you in a different way.”

Out of the 50 women, Trinny and Susannah spot only two ladies who fit properly in to the shift dress. They all wear a size 16 but their bust measurements range from 34 to 48 inches, and their hips from 38 to 52 inches.

“It did confirm all our feelings about the fact that no woman is the same,” says Trinny.

“By doping a simple experiment like that, getting a bunch of women in a room, that point was made crystal clear – we are all different,” says Susannah.

Their mission is to educate women that their bodies always fit into one of twelve body shapes and to show women how to dress to flatter those different shapes. But before they do that, they take a 3D look at their own body shape thanks to new imaging technology. They both wear a dress size 10, but have completely different body measurements, although Trinny is astounded to learn that they have the same length legs – even though she is three inches taller than Susannah!

The 12 body shapes are broken down into 4 main groups – Apple, Hourglass, Triangle and Pear.

Apple shapes include: the Apple, the Brick and the Column
Pear shapes include: the Pear, the Skittle and the Bell
Hour glass shapes include: the Hourglass, the Cello and the Vase
Triangle shapes include: the Cornet, the Lollipop and the Goblet

100 women are invited to an art gallery with plinths exhibiting the different shapes. Trinny and Susannah find examples of each shape amongst the ladies to help illustrate them and used as a guide before the ladies head off on a mass shopping trip.

After learning the rules, the ladies are challenged to shop for their shape on Guildford high street, and those who get it right will get their money back from Trinny and Susannah.

Finally, after successfully converting their volunteers to shopping for shape, Trinny and Susannah create controversy when they decide to reshape the hillside chalk carving of the Long Man of Wilmington on the Sussex downs – thought to be a pagan war god – into a woman by forming a human sculpture.

This huge challenge involves hundreds of women from the local area reshaping the landscape into the four main body shapes alongside a fashion show. But the stunt is called to a halt when the local pagan society stages a protest. Will Trinny and Susannah manage to pull off their biggest challenge yet?

Tuesday 20 November 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm

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