Upstaged: The YouStage Vloggers


Back when I visited the Upstaged set a couple of weeks ago, I had an excellent opportunity to meet some of the huge gang of video bloggers (or Vloggers) who are participating in the contest. They’re through to the final, by the way, so you’re going to see them on TV. And they’re very popular, so they might actually win the contest!

I got to interview the three vloggers at the front of the picture above: Dave from Blue Skies, Els (with the pink hair) and Davey the comedian.

Because these bloggers cover a range of styles and topics, they’re collaborating to perform a variety act that’ll include music, comedy and lots of fun stuff.

We talked a lot about the Vlogging community in the UK. I’d never given it much thought really, but Dave told me that there’s actually quite a tight UK community on YouTube, formed from comedians, musicians and bloggers.

Despite that, many of the Upstaged vloggers had never actually met in person before, so the whole project to get them performing together could have fallen flat right away. However, according to Els, their act has become one of the most popular, mostly due to the variety and unpredictability of the show.

If you want to get a quick taster of what the vlogger’s act will be like, watch the video below – fast and funny…

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