Will.i.am admits #thatpower video was “tough” to complete due to Bieber’s touring commitments


The Voice UK coach, Will.i.am has revealed that it was “tough” working on the #thatpower music video with Justin Bieber. Not because of his diva-ish ways (although, we reckon he is) but due to his tour commitments.

Bieber appears in hologram form in the video as Will.i.am throws in some weird and delightful moves, in which he and his team attempt to activate a mysterious box. I’m not even going to try and delve into the mind of Will.i.am and rip apart the video.

will.i.am the voice

In an interview with ET online, he said: “[Justin’s] on tour. It was tough to get this video [done].

“I had to fly to Barcelona to shoot Justin Bieber then flew to Japan to work with Rio and the boys on the choreography for it. So it was a lot of trekking.”

Will went on to admit that he only secured Bieber for the track by luck as they were living next door to each other at that point.

justin bieber, mally

“He was my next-door neighbour last year. And I called him on the phone when I saw his car outside. And he came into the crib and we made that song and then he moved out”. Yes, he made a song with Will then flitted not long after… I’m saying nothing!

Meanwhile, Bieber has announced plans to release his on-the-road diary which he has dubbed as his “music journals”.

Will.i.am returns on The Voice UK next Saturday evening for the first set of Battle Rounds.

Take a look a the video to #thatpower, below:

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