X Factor: 2 Shoes get a record deal! And 1D’s Louis Tomlinson was a “rogue” at school

X Factor fans will surely remember Essex duo 2 Shoes from last year’s show. They were booted in the first live show, but by then, they’d already built an army of Shoe fans.

And today, Heatworld reports that the girls, Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira, have landed a record deal.

HW states…

The duo were overheard by our source at the Ministry of Sound club in London, saying that not only are they signed to a label, but they’re set to record house music and that there’s a 2 Shoes album slated for a summer release!

They added that they’re on strict diets in the mean time, and hope to lose two stones each before they give the charts a go…

Charley of course gave birth to a baby boy in December who she named Beaux, the ‘X’ being a nod to the X Factor.

And talking of baby boys, it seems that One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson was branded “a rogue” by one of his former teachers.

Jenni Lambert, who was Louis’ head of year at Hayfield School, Doncaster, told the Sun, “He was a bit of a rogue but he absolutely loved performing.

“He is a very charming chap but he wasn’t a great fan of doing academic work.”

Well, luckily for him, it turned out he didn’t need to be!

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