X Factor 2012: Tulisa makes Gary Barlow uncomfortable with Christopher Maloney critique after ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ (VIDEO)

Christopher Maloney is one of the bookies favourite to leave The X Factor tomorrow night, behind only Rylan Clark so he had pressure heaped on his shoulders when he took to the stage this evening.

The 34 year old left Twitter for a number of days earlier this week, so he could concentrate on learning two songs for the quarter finals and also because he had been on the receiving end of some serious Twitter abuse and even death threats.

This evening he tried to keep his chin up and before taking to the stage to sing twice for the panel – half of whom really don’t like him – he tweeted:

“Nearly show time! Double whammy tonight, can’t wait to get out there and sing for u. Enjoy xx”

For his Motown song the Liverpudlian took on Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing On the Ceiling’, with a full stage production and a bit of a dance routine.

It wasn’t bad and his vocals were in tune but for the second time, his timing was an issue. We can’t say it was our favourite performance of the night or even of his.


LOUIS WALSH: You sang well, you really sang well and you are working hard. It was a little bit like being in Benidorm or Blackpool in a karaoke bar.

TULISA: When you are singing, I don’t believe what you are singing. It feels like you are putting on a show and that leaves a disconnect with the performance and that performance was more dated than the song himself.

NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Good energy and you tried something new. I am looking for soul and I don’t see much soul there.

GARY BARLOW: I am starting to feel slightly uncomfortable with the criticism you are getting, all week long and here at the weekend. You have done really well, I don’t think people have appreciated how far you have come.

Did you enjoy Christopher’s performance tonight? Do you think he’ll be safe on tomorrow’s results show? Leave your comments below….

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11 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Tulisa makes Gary Barlow uncomfortable with Christopher Maloney critique after ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ (VIDEO)”

  1. Gav Harrison says:

    I’m sorry but that was garbage the tuning was off big time not good at all time for him to go

  2. Sarah-Jane says:

    Tulisa really needs given the boot off x factor. But hey at least they aren’t banging on about looking for star material to him anymore! Did Ella’s departure teach them a few lessons? Clearly it’s shook them to the core & be more careful about what they say to the one who keeps topping the votes each week.

  3. Sarah-Jane says:

    Yeah that’s right Christopher THE ONE if you all get what I meant by that, hahahaha. Finally the tables has turned & Chris now doesn’t crumble emotionally after his performance. Thank goodness he’s let it all go in one ear, out the other & refused to be shot down. Keep going Christopher, you know you can go through to the end, you just need to keep believing you have what it takes. I don’t understand how Tulisa, a JUDGE is totally incapable of connecting with your performances, yet the PUBLIC, most with slim to no music experience whatsover see something sparkle in his performances each week. What a load of bs when Tulisa said last week she had decided to give in to defeat. She was only all nicey nicey because Gary said in one of the preview videos that the judges need to keep being horrible as that is what has brought luck! She thought she knew what she was doing & that is one of the reasons why she was so gobsmacked at losing Ella, because for once the public didn’t go along with what she saw fit.

  4. stcy says:

    for so long of endurance and emotional control i can’t take it already, these judges sucks especially that old man louis. they should pull him out of that show as a judge he is so self centered.

  5. Ghee says:

    When Tulisa dismissed by Xfactor. What she could do something else? She already ruined her reputation! She can maybe go to erotic business!!??

  6. Tahaweh says:

    Christopher Maloney to leave tonight.PLEASE!!! I can’t stand the man.

  7. Sarah-Jane says:


  8. Sarah-Jane says:

    GET TULISA AXED* Sorry guys, got a bit carried away there! Heehee.

  9. Jules says:

    Please get rid of Chris Maloney! Losing too many
    Good singers because of him!
    Rylan should have stayed! His last song was beautiful!
    And he’s so much fun!
    Chris is so boring no range in his voice! Sounds like
    He should be on karaoke or Blackpool
    Entertainer! How many more we gonna lose! Lost Ella
    If he wins, I never watching the show again!!