X Factor 2012: Tulisa ‘is bored of her role as a judge’

Tulisa Contostavlos is reportedly bored of her role as a judge on the X Factor.

The singer’s father allegedly claims she only takes part in the show for the money and she no longer enjoys her job as a mentor to the contestants.

Plato Contostavlos told Now magazine: “Tulisa doesn’t want to be there. She’s bored of it. She doesn’t need the X Factor. She’s got N-Dubz.

“I want her to leave X Factor. N-Dubz can do one gig and earn up to £500,000. I want her to make some serious dosh, millions, by doing an independent album with N-Dubz.

“What I want for her is security, so she never has to rely on anybody apart from herself.”

And while Tulisa’s spokesperson recently denied she was being replaced on the X Factor, rumours have been circulating that former judge Sharon Osbourne could return and replace her or Gary Barlow on the show.

A source recently told The People: “Sharon has been approached and discussions have begun about her returning for the 2013 show, she is really up for it.

“It is still early days in terms of contracts, but a return for Sharon is certainly the way things are looking at the moment.

“She was in the UK last month and X Factor bosses took the opportunity to put the idea to her. She had a long meeting with them and she has decided she would love to come back.

“Louis [Walsh] can’t contain his excitement, he has been begging Sharon to come back for years so he is desperately hoping it all works out.”

Do you think Tulisa should leave the X Factor? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Tulisa ‘is bored of her role as a judge’”

  1. rewrwe says:

    YES! Leave Tulisa. Bring back Sharon

  2. Katherine Scott says:

    Tulisa should leave, bring back sharon

  3. Anthony says:

    As if anybody is going to believe that! Only a few weeks ago she was saying how much she was enjoying the role. Funny how things change when she’s been told she’s getting the sack.

  4. Maureen says:

    Tulisa bored never. We are bored of Tulisa. Who is the little upstart anyway? Whoever told her she could sing must be in need of ear surgery.

  5. chaz says:

    i didn’t even know who this chav was before the x factor. guess we know when her career will end if she leaves don’t you think viewers.

    anyway gary is the reason i’m watching so i don’t care about her. but yeah bring sharon back

  6. demon says:

    get rid of all four and put people with real talent on!

  7. Leah says:

    I don’t think she should leave, you guys who are chatting shit about her and just either jealous or have nothing to do but moan and tulisa can sing she is amazing and her and n-dubz’s career will not end if she leaves tbh!