X Factor 2013: Sharon Osbourne threw “a diva fit” at Heathrow airport after officials confiscated her liquids!

sharon osbourne

It’s been reported today that X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne threw a “diva fit” when security teams at Heathrow airport confiscated liquids from her luggage.

Apparently, Sharon rocked up to security with fluids that weren’t inside a regulation see-through plastic bag, and was not impressed when she was told she had to either repack the items or have them confiscated.

The Mirror reports, “She insisted that her bag had been fine to transport her hand luggage liquids when she travelled through LAX and Birmingham airports, and flew into a rage that security at Heathrow’s terminal four took issue with it yesterday morning.”

An onlooker said, “Sharon was livid that they were poking around in her bag, because she said she had used it several times before.

“She lost her temper with them and snapped, ‘Fine. Just leave them then. I don’t want any of them. I don’t care.’

“Then, she stormed off leaving some shocked-looking security guards with all her toiletries.

“Loads of other passengers were staring.

“Five minutes later, she sent an assistant ask for the bag back…

sharon osbourne

“She explained that it had her medication in it.

“Sharon turned up while the staff were explaining that they had destroyed it and its contents, and got angry all over again.

“But now, she was even angrier, because she said she needed her medicine.

“She was really ranting, but there was nothing anybody could do because it had been thrown away.”

Yikes! I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of Mrs O!

Here’s a reminder of her on X Factor…

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