X Factor 2013 spoilers: Siana Schofield, Crissie Rhodes & Jade Rendle sent home! (VIDEO)

Siana Schofield x factor

As well as the excited screams and the elated cheers on tonight’s X Factor show, there were also more than a few cases of tears and sobbing as some contestants were let down not so gently.

16 year old student Siana Schofield failed to impress Nicole Scherzinger as she tried her best to win a place in the Pussycat Doll’s final six.

She performed Wake Me Up by Avicii and told the panel:

“I just hope I can impress you.”

However Nic said:

“Vocally I don’t think it was strong enough. I am going to have to send you home.”

Next up was former favourite Chrissie Rhodes, a 25 year old wedding singer from Bedfordshire. She blew the judges away with her country voice at her first audition but at bootcamp her rendition of Iris by GooGoo Dolls didn’t quite cut the mustard.

crissie rhodes

Nicole said:

“I don’t know why I’m not chomping at the bit right now, I am going to go with my gut on this one. Crissie i am sorry, I’m going to have to send you home.”

Jade Rendle didn’t fare any better. The 21 year old karaoke DJ from Wigan sang Alone by Heart but Scherzinger reprimanded her saying:


“There was no fight, there was no passion, there was no hunger! I want you to grab me. I have to send you home.”

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2 Responses to “X Factor 2013 spoilers: Siana Schofield, Crissie Rhodes & Jade Rendle sent home! (VIDEO)”

  1. Isobel says:

    Dear sirs, I think your chosen way of picking your top 6 is appalling . First you pick and comment on the chosen girls, ‘it’s like , I must have you in my top 6′. Oops sorry I’m choosing someone else and you are now not good enough! It is cold, callous and cruel, why not listen to all then choose your 6. Thus the girls would not feel so bad at taking someone else’s spot or or feeling elated then devastated, obviously done for TV effect. This is the worst thing you have ever done, shame on you for sensationalising.

    • shari says:

      I don’t like the way bootcamp is being done now either. I cant imagine what it must be like to be close to having your dream come true, told you have made it, and then told to give up your seat to someone else. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Shame on you xfactor