Strictly Come Dancing 2012 final results: Who won? Denise Van Outen, Kimberley Walsh or Louis Smith?


Strictly Come dancing drew to a close tonight and finally, the 2012 winner has been chosen.

Louis Smith was crowned the winner and took the glitterball trophy with his partner Flavia Cacace.

Dani Harmer and Vincent Simon were eliminated at the start of the results show leaving Denise Van Outen, Kimberley Walsh and Louis Smith battling it out for the glitterball trophy.

They each had to perform one more time and they chose their favourite dance of the series to end their Strictly experience with. Denise and James Jordan picked the Charleston and after scoring them their second perfect 40 of the night the judges raved about their fancy footwork.

Len Goodman said “I will never forget your Charleston!” Bruno raved “That was world class!” Craig praised the pair saying “It is the best Charleston I have ever, ever seen.” Darcey added “The attention to detail in that work is brilliant, amazing.”

kimberley walsh pasha

Kimberley was next to the dancefloor and she and her professional partner Pasha took on the Tango from week eight for their final number.

It was a fabulous routine and afterwards Bruno called it ‘glossy, glamorous, dangerous and a bloody good dance. Craig said it was ‘ten times better than the last time you dance it.’ Darcey said it was “supremely perfect!” Len Goodman closed the comments saying “kimberley you have provided me with some of the most spectacular highlights of the whole of series ten.”

They scored her a perfect 40.

louis smith

Louis Smith gave the last dance of the series and he and Flavia Cacace took on the Charleston also.

Afterwards Craig said “You have worked solidly on that I can tell. It was just extraordinary.” Darcey continued “Louis I love that you add the cheeky Louis into your performance. You’ve got everything now.” Len raved “I have never doubted your ability to dance. That was a gold medal performance.” Bruno said “Just what the doctor ordered. You’ve came out here with more tricks, fun and accomplishment than ever.”

judges strictly

After a pretty great performance from Robbie Williams and the return of all the former contestants from the 2012 series, Tess Daly and Bruce Forsyth finally returned to the dancefloor to reveal the results of the public vote.

The winner was Louis Smith and he looked shocked to have triumphed, though we don’t know how, he’s been the favourite for months.

Flavia praised her partner saying:

“I don’t think we can believe it, I can’t believe we are here. Thank you for sharing your talent, skill and ability with me.”

He responded:

“She’s been an absolute legend, she is the nicest person I have ever met. She is so patient, she is unbelievable.””

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Leave your comments below…

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12 Responses to “Strictly Come Dancing 2012 final results: Who won? Denise Van Outen, Kimberley Walsh or Louis Smith?”

  1. lulu says:

    well done louis, but it would of been nice to know who came 3rd and 2nd!!??? quite disappointed not informed

  2. amy says:

    i wanted kimberley to win she should have won!!!damn the public

  3. Eric London says:

    Louis was great, but not a patch on Denise as a dancer, too much gymnastic tricks and body posing rather than dancing! time to change the voting rules.

  4. XFF says:

    I agree it would’ve been nice to know who came 2nd and 3rd, I spent a fortune voting for Kimberley! Wasn’t Bruce car crash at the end, shouting at all the contestants who were wanting to congratulate Louis and Flavia? I remember him embarrassing himself in the same way last year when the McFly boys ran on to congratulate Harry and Aliona and he went mental at them. I’m hoping this will have been his last year at the helm, but I hope that every year!

  5. Melanie says:

    RIDICULOUS RESULT and so disappointing for the proper dancers, Kimberley and Denise.That’s what you get when you let the idiot public vote, the majority of whom apparently just fancied eye candy Lewis. Time to change the way this is handled, the real stars are getting short changed. Denise should have worn by miles…..

  6. chrissy_xyz says:

    It was a very good final, with the exception of poor Dani who was a bundle of nerves when previously she’d been so solid, even then her scores were very high. 1st to 3rd all showed great talent and skill, but I felt Louis’ showdance had the edge, not because he was stripped, but because Flavia’s choreography ensured he danced, while Denise was merely lifted all over the place and Kimberly seemed to be shaking her wonderful mane of hair as if she was in a disco (or on stage at a pop concert). The constant wallowing of the judges, repeating again and again how good the girls were probably alienated some viewers. Craig’s 9 for Louis’ fun and wonderfully timed charleston was mean (he couldn’t give it 10 because he’d already said Denise’s curious Egyptian version was the best ever!) It may well have given the olympian a sympathy vote. He wasn’t the very best dancer, but on the day he was in the best dances and performed then brilliantly. Counts for a lot in my book.

  7. ruth says:

    denise should have won louise was good but not good enough to win

  8. Deanne Smith says:

    Well done Louis and Flavia .we knew you could do it !I voted 6 times last night, it was so exciting.!you were both amazing.So so glad you won Louis ..

  9. Pauline says:

    Denise should have been the winner. She has been consistent throughout and brilliant in the final. Not all of the public judge the skill of the dancing, but who they like – have they no sense and skill in judging – this is a dance competition! Why were we not told who came second and third? Apart from it being interesting to know, having watched it for so many weeks and being aware of order of the remainder of the dancers, the BBC could have built up the tension even more by announcing third place and then the winner.

  10. Roy says:

    Denise & Kimberley were consistently good throughout the series, Louise just stood watching his partner.

    The show has become a personality promotion and the dance content (judged by the panel) is not reflected in the viewers voting.

    Either take it off or revise the voting format, the viewers result each week is becoming a farce.

  11. Roy says:

    Typo error on my address

  12. wendy says:

    Louis should take no notice of anyone who says he shouldnt have won, him and Flavia were the best and deserved to win. I said he would win after the 1st episode.