Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Louis Smith reveals his ideal bedmate… his “blanky”

Given that Strictly Come Dancing star and Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has the titled of “heartthrob” you would be forgiven for assuming that his ideal bedmate would be a lady…

However, you would be wrong because apparently, his favourite bedtime companion is his snuggle blanket!

So sayeth the Daily Star at any rate who report that he recently said, “I get a lot of attention from females and males, which is quite strange.

“Apparently, I’m a bit of a gay icon.

“I’ve had lots of offers on Twitter. Some are subtle and some are not but let’s just leave it at that.

“A lot of my mates can’t understand why I’m not out there more but it’s not attractive when girls throw themselves at you…

“Guys think I’m crazy for not making more of it but that’s not how to meet someone.”

He added, “I want to find a wife. I want kids and I want a wife that isn’t crazy.

“I like stability in life – you live in this crazy lifestyle, then it’s nice to go home and you’ve got someone who treats you normal, who you can snuggle up to.

“I’ve got a comfy blanket at the moment which I shape into a spoony position every night.”

And while that may be the least sexy thing I’ve ever heard, we are promised a return to Louis’ sexual magnetism should he and pro-dance partner Flavia Cacace make it the final.

She told The Sun, “If we get to the final, he’s going topless for the show dance.”

Louis added, “I’ll do it, I’m not fussed.”

Jeez, calm down Louis…

Here’s a reminder of his performance last night…

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