Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Pro dancers James Jordan & Flavia Cacace are bullies! Poor Denise Van Outen & Louis Smith (PICTURES)

The Strictly Come Dancing professionals certainly seem to be cracking the whip with their partners this year.

Yesterday we reported that James Jordan had sent Denise Van Outen to the naughty step for being five minutes late for rehearsals and today he branded her Quasimodo and sent her a very unflattering picture, mocking her supposed bad posture.

It appears that Flavia Cacace is just as hard a task master and minutes ago, her partner Louis Smith took to Twitter to tell his follower:

‘@FlaviaCacace has pushed me over… She’s bullying me guys…. Need some back-up ha’

He then posted a picture of himself lying on the ground, looking a little pained and wincing from all the effort.

Poor Louis has been mocked by some of the other pros too this morning, with James tweeting Brendan Cole, saying:

‘@TheBrendan_Cole @v_pendleton Must be amazing dancing with an Olympic Gold medalist!! Poor @FlaviaCacace only got Silver!! @louissmith1989′

Michael Vaughan waded into the row, defending his pal and tweeting:

‘“@MichaelVaughan: @The_JamesJordan Nothing wrong with coming 2nd…!!!!!”’

Brendan replied:

‘@The_JamesJordan you’re so bad Jordan! Nice one!’

Denise isn’t going to get an easy time today either and Jordan tweeted her this morning, saying:

‘Feeling quite strict today!!! Think I might get stuck in to @denise_vanouten #dontbelate’

She doesn’t seem too worried though and replied:

‘@The_JamesJordan I will try to be late cos I like the naughty step #50shadesofdance’

It’s all kicking off in Strictly land! We can’t wait to see how all the dances come together when the series returns on the 5th of October but we do feel a little sorry for all those clueless celebs!

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