Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Vincent Simone says Victoria Pendleton is ‘not a positive person’

Vincent Simone has admitted that Victoria Pendleton bursting into tears on Friday night’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing didn’t surprise him very much.

The Olympic cyclist was inconsolable after she messed up some dance steps during her cha cha cha with professional partner Brendan Cole, even though the judges gave her mostly positive comments after her routine.

On leaving the dancefloor, Vic sobbed during her interview with Tess Daly and reportedly kept crying as the cameras moved onto the next couple and speaking to The Mirror, Dani Harmer’s partner Vincent said she needs to stop panicking, as it could have happened to anyone.

He explained:

“Everyone is talking about Victoria’s debut. The worst thing you can do is go wrong during your dance but nerves can easily take over and it can happen to anyone.”

Simone shed some light on how Pendleton behaved backstage later in the evening and on his efforts to comfort the star.

He added:

“She was upset, on camera and off. Sadly, Victoria is not a very positive person in general. When I first met her I said, “Bella, congratulations, you were amazing, you made me cry.” Can you believe how she responded? She said, “No I’m not, I’m rubbish!””

Vincent continued:

“I couldn’t believe my ears. I mean, darling, you are the best in the world… at cycling.

“Which is what she must remember. She is not a dancer and just needs to do her best. She needs to feel the enjoyment of the dance.”

What did you think of Victoria’s breakdown? Do you think she was justified in her reaction, or do you agree with some viewers who feel it was all a ploy for attention and sympathy?

Leave your comments below….

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One Response to “Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Vincent Simone says Victoria Pendleton is ‘not a positive person’”

  1. Nick Porter says:

    Don’t forget if she makes a mistake in a race either a She crashes,b she loses or c she is disqualified and loses.In less than a minute she will be I the piits.unlike say football say there is simply no way to equalise.In the stress of the situation if she had time to think at all I’m sure she didn’t realise she end up only afew marks behind.Any performer can tell of terrible mistakes but most are made before fewer people and they get to disappear off stage and cry out of view.
    I’m sure that crying is the last thing she wants to do,the damage it does to her image is far greater than any sympathy vote.but how do you stop yourself.i can’t