Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Len Goodman’s glad he landed SCD judging role later in life as he’d have been too busy partying before!


68 year old Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman has revealed that he’s glad he only got the chance to be a judge on the show late on in his career, because previously, he might have been too busy partying to take it seriously!

Speaking to the Mirror, Len said, “Thank God all this came along later in life…

“If it had all come when I was 25 I would have been staggering out of a club with a couple of dolly birds on my arm.

“I am glad it came along when it came along when I was sensible enough to appreciate it…”


But he joked, “Don’t let the BBC know how much I enjoy it though or they’ll cut my wages. I feel almost a fraud.

“I AM sitting there doing something I have loved all my life and I’m getting paid. It’s a marvelous job.”

Len went on to reveal that he’s met some “charming and lovely” people during the time he’s been on SCD, and added that The Voice coach confessed that his mum’s a big fan of the show, and of Len.

Len explained, “I was in the studio car park and the band were walking towards me.
“Then starts shouting, ‘Len, Len my mum loves you, can I have a photo?’

“I said yeah but only if I could have one with him.”

Here’s a look at the lovely Len on the show…

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