Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan caught up in major security alert on a flight from Poland!

ola jordan

It’s been revealed today that Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan became embroiled in a terrifying situation this weekend after a plane she was on was the subject of a major security alert.

And her husband, fellow pro-dancer James Jordan, was sent into a panic when he heard what was going on.

He took to Twitter to say, “Ola was flying back from Poland and just before they took off she called me….Panicking!!!

“Someone said they would do something to the plane…. The police took them off and checked the plane…

“I told her to GET OFF But she didn’t.”

The Daily Star Sunday adds that police evacuated all the passengers after “a threat to the UK-bound jet.”

James later added, “Just had the most stressful 3 hours ever!!

“[Ola] said lots of people crying and it was really bad….GOOD NEWS … She has arrived. Thank GOD!!!!”

james and ola jordan

Then, in a reference to fellow Strictly dancer Brendan Cole, a relieved James joked, “I think I just aged 10 years….I look nearly as old as Brenda now!!!

“Sorry I mean Brendan.”

Later on, Ola tweeted, “Well, Im alive!!! That was one stressful flight!!!”

Here’s a reminder of James and Ola on SCD…

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