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amy winehouse
In 2011, talented but deeply troubled singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse became the latest music biz star to join the so-called ’27 Club’, given that like so many stars before her, such as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, and Jim Morrison, Amy died aged just 27.

Revenue from tragic 27 Club member Amy Winehouse’s music has quadrupled since her death – how sad is that?

amy winehouse
In 2008, while backstage at one of her gigs, troubled singer Amy Winehouse reportedly told composer John Altman, “I didn’t want all this… “I just wanted to make music with my friends.” She died in 2011 aged just 27 years old, and so she joined the heartbreaking 27 Club, which sadly includes other artists who died before their time, such as Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

When the paparazzi go too far: Harry Styles, Cheryl Cole & other celebrities with paparazzi injunctions!

We reported yesterday that One Direction star Harry Styles obtained a court order which forbids photographers from approaching him in the street or near his home. In fact a judge ruled that the snap happy paparazzi must not venture within fifty feet of the singer without his permission at any time. However, the teen idol is not the first celebrity to have resorted to legal action, not even close. A number of stars in recent years have taken their cases to court when they felt their privacy was b

Amy Winehouse’ ex Reg Traviss on the hell he’s endured over rape allegation

Reg Traviss, who was of course dating tragic singer Amy Winehouse in the weeks before her death, has revealed the hellish time he’s had since being accused of rape by a woman he once thought of as a friend. Speaking out after being found not guilty of raping the unnamed woman, Reg told The Sun, “When Amy died I thought I couldn’t reach a lower ebb. “I’m reluctant to say it, but when this came up I don’t think I ever have, or ever will, feel so low.” Reg’s brother Richard, who own

X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh blasts Adele for taking maternity leave and claims he could have saved Amy Winehouse!

Louis Walsh has caused more than a little bit of controversy with his latest comments. The X Factor judge is a long time sufferer of foot in mouth disease and this week he’s been at it again, slating singing superstar Adele for taking time off work following the birth of her first child. The ‘Chasing Pavements’ hitmaker gave birth to her son on the 19th of October, just over one month ago and has been taking time at home with the infant.

Pete Doherty claims he was Amy Winehouse’s secret lover!

Babyshambles front man, Pete Doherty, has revealed that he was having a secret affair with Amy Winehouse before her tragic death last year, the Sun newspaper reports. According to the famous drug abusing singer, the pair, who were well known as being great friends, got together at Doherty’s London hotel after a gig back in August 2010.

X Factor 2012: James Arthur is “reinvigorated” after being in bottom two and promises to come back fighting!

We were all left in shock last weekend when X Factor favourites, Ella Henderson and James Arthur faced each other in the results show to sing for survival in a shocking X Factor twist. Whilst 16-year old Ella took her final bow, James Arthur looked deflated at being the second least favourite by the public’s vote, but has now admitted that the result has left him feeling “reinvigorated” and determined that the experience will make him stronger as a competitor!

Mitch Winehouse gives the OK for Amy Winehouse to appear on stage as a hologram

Mitch Winehouse, who is of course the father of tragic singer Amy Winehouse, has revealed that he’d be happy to give permission for his dead daughter’s image to be relayed as a hologram, in the same way rapper Tupac was after his death. As you may recall, Tupac “appeared from beyond the grave” with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg at California’s Coachella festival in April in the form of a hologram. Of the prospect of a similar image of Amy on-stage, Mitch told the Sun, “The most important thi