Analiza Ching

Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Interview with Analiza Ching

Analiza Ching grew up in China and moved to England at 17 to study at London’s Royal Academy of Music. She says her style is unique as she incorporates dramatic/dance like movements into her act which she has been doing for six years. Her biggest influence is her father, who is also a violinist. Analiza’s parents still live in China. She has previously performed at Windsor Castle, the Royal Albert Hall and for Colin Firth at the opening of his wife’s shop.

Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Analiza Ching shamed and shunned over naked violin pictures

Analiza Ching has admitted that she has been shunned by her friends and family, since newspapers published pictures from a naked photoshoot she took part in recently. The stunning 29 year old was featured on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent show, impressing Simon Cowell and David Walliams not just with her violin playing, but also with her suggestive dancing.

Britain’s Got Talent: Analiza Ching wants to date Simon Cowell, flirt with David Walliams and perform naked on ITV!

Analiza Ching is certainly determined to make headlines in a bid to increase her fame. The talented violinist was seen on Saturday night’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent wowing the judges with her musical skills, but even though her playing was stunning, people seemed more taken with Ching’s sexy dance moves and suggestive behaviour. The 29 year old has previously posed naked with her instrument in a photoshoot and at her audition, told the judges that she finds her violin 

Britain’s Got Talent: Sexy violinist Analiza Ching admits her dad locked her in her room if she didn’t play well enough!

Analiza Ching is an accomplished rock violinist and has played on some of the world’s largest stages, but she has revealed that she had no choice but to become an amazing musician, because of her dad’s strict discipline and dreams for her future. The Chinese beauty was featured on last night’s Britain’s Got Talent and was seen wowing Simon Cowell and David Walliams in particular, with her mix of incredible violin playing and sexy dancing. The 29 year old is well used to b