Carolynne Poole

X Factor’s Carolynne Poole sticks up for Christopher Maloney – he confirms he’s on tour!

Carolynne Poole has asked her fans to stop attacking Christopher Maloney online. Many X Factor viewers jumped to the defence of the brunette beauty this week, after it was revealed that Christopher Maloney kicked off and branded her a c*nt last Sunday. The 34 year old had been upset because he had a very small role in a group performance and insiders say he took his rage out on Carolynne during rehearsals for the final show.

X Factor 2012: Carolynne Poole says “Chris Maloney called me a c*** because I didn’t say hello to him” & Kye Sones adds “His mask has slipped!”

Fans of the X Factor will no doubt know that third placed runner-up Christopher Maloney has pretty much ended his career in music before it even began by showing what are evidently his true colours on Sunday, which was of course the show’s final. Reports from the X Factor camp on Sunday and yesterday reveal that he turned up for rehearsals in Manchester drunk, late and was abusive to his fellow finalists and to X Factor staff. He also launched a bitter tirade on Twitter – addressed to Gary B

X Factor’s Rylan Clark, Union J & Carolynne Poole spill the beans on Christopher Maloney & all that drama!

The X Factor finalists have spoken and have more or less confirmed that Christopher Maloney has been telling some porkie pies on Twitter. The former X Factor finalist, who finished in third place on Saturday’s show is said to have kicked off big style at the final rehearsals yesterday over the group performance and his tiny role and insiders claimed that he ranted and raved and used some very abusive language in an altercation with Carolynne Poole.

X Factor 2012: #maloneygate! Find out what really happened as it’s revealed that Christopher Maloney’s place on the live tour is now “in doubt”

Fans of The X Factor will of course know that third placed runner-up Christopher Maloney was nowhere to be seen during last night’s final… And as we reported  yesterday afternoon, and last night – during our live blog as the incident evolved – it all began when Christopher turned up yesterday morning at the show’s venue in Manchester “clearly drunk.” He then apparently stormed off when he became angry that he had only one line to sing in the finalists’ group performance. The Sun

X Factor 2012 spoilers: So apparently Christopher Maloney kicked off and called Carolynne Poole a ‘c*nt’

We reported earlier today that Christopher Maloney wouldn’t be at tonight’s X factor final and now it seems we know why. The 34 year old finished in third place last night and was supposed to return to perform again on tonight’s finale as part of a group of former contestants. However it was reported that he got into a bit of a row with some fellow singers and producers and stormed out of Manchester’s Central Arena, before heading home to Liverpool today.

X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow insists he hasn’t clashed with Simon Cowell over Christopher Maloney but admits there could be some backstage meddling!

Gary Barlow has insisted that he and Simon Cowell have not clashed over X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney. It was reported in the newspapers that the show boss wanted Barlow to somehow get rid of the Liverpudlian singer, as he was attracting a large amount of votes from the public and putting the future of more marketable acts in danger on the ITV show. Obviously Simon would rather sign acts such as Union J and James Arthur to his record label than a cabaret style performer like Chris and

X Factor bosses? Want to get viewers back? Change the voting system! Then we might still have Carolynne Poole & Melanie Masson!

On an almost daily basis, we here at Unreality write articles about how The X Factor’s bosses have ordered a “shake up” or a “revamp” or jumped through a zillion pointless hoops in a bid to boost viewer ratings. Similarly, every weekend, there’s the inevitable Who Won in the ratings war between X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, and so far, though the figures are actually open to interpretation sometimes, Strictly is winning that pi**ing contest. And this morning, there’s a report