Casey James

American Idol 2010: judges not impressed by Casey James OK, It’s Alright With Me (VIDEO)

For his contestants choice on last night’s American Idol, Casey James chose an Eric Hutchinson song OK, It’s Alright With Me. It was a laid back little number and I think it played to Casey’s many strengths. He strummed along, but wisely left the electric guitar out of the mix. It isn’t the time to be dazzling the audience with guitar solos, Casey needed to show off his voice and I think he did…..unfortunately the judges didn’t agree.

American Idol 2010: Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze thank their fans back home

American Idol finalists Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze seem pretty chuffed to have made the final three and each of them give most of the credit to their fans back home. Speaking about making it this far in the competition, the three singers gave a short statement to the official Idol website and all of them took the chance to thank their homegrown supporters.

American Idol 2010: Casey James gave ‘lazy’ rendition of ‘Mrs Robinson’ (VIDEO)

Casey James managed to score an “artist” shirt from celebrity mentor Jamie Foxx on last night’s American Idol, so we were expecting great things right from the off! He sang Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson, but played it on…a mandolin? Weird! Although Casey certainly put his own spin on the tune, it’s neither my favourite S&G song, nor my favourite Casey performance. A little too sleepy for my tastes.

American Idol 2010: Casey James gives worst performance with ‘Blue Skies’ (VIDEO)

Singing second on last night’s American Idol Frank Sinatra themed show was the gorgeous Casey James! His mentoring session with this week’s mentor Harry Connick Jr was hilarious, the two seemed to have a lot of fun together and Casey’s voice sounded great during the rehearsal….it’s just a pity that he couldn’t pull it off on the night.

American Idol 2010: Casey James gives ‘best performance’ with ‘Don’t’ (VIDEO)

Blonde troubadour Casey James took to the American Idol stage last night to perform Shania Twain song, Don’t. Casey told viewers that he realised that he hasn’t given his fans anything new with his last performance so this week he promised to do just that. During her mentoring session with Casey, Shania told him: I think your missing a bit of inner confidence. Your true confidence will come out in the way you tell the story, so bring it inside and let it come out in your voice.

American Idol 2010: Was Casey James ‘Don’t Stop’ lazy? (VIDEO)

The gorgeous Casey James opened this week’s American Idol show and performed his own version of Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop. Alicia Key was the celebrity mentor and her advice to Casey was “You don’t want to have people saying I love that song. You want them saying I love him.”