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X Factor 2013: Former finalist Chris Maloney says “I was scared for my life” after confrontation with thugs!

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As fans of The X Factor will recall, last year’s finalist Christopher Maloney rapidly became a controversial figure after he was accused of being a “diva” and after it was claimed that during the show’s final, he turned up to the studios drunk and abusive.

After that drama, he was mauled in the press and by some of his fellow finalists, and subsequently chose to “lie low” waiting for the controversy to die down.

However, it’s been reported today that earlier this month, Maloney became the victim of “thugs” who confronted him and his family while they were out and about in his hometown of Liverpool. Read on »

X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney denies that he swore at Carolynne Poole and claims she was rude to HIM!

There has of course been a good deal of controversy surrounding the alleged behavior of Christopher Maloney on the day of the show’s final…

It was claimed that Christopher turned up for rehearsals in Manchester drunk and that he “kicked off” when he realized he only had one line in the group ensemble.

It was further alleged that during the fracas, he called fellow former finalist Carolynne Poole a “c**t” and claimed he no longer wanted to be part of the show.

The hoohar went on pretty much all day if reports are to be believed, and since then, Carolynne has confirmed reports about Chris’s behavior, as did finalist Kye Sones.

However, while speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Chris has denied that he swore at Carolynne and furthermore, he alleges that she was the one who was rude to HIM! Read on »

X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney will be segregated on live tour as finalists “can’t stand the sight of him!”

As we reported earlier this week, an X Factor insider revealed that controversial finalist Chris Maloney would be allowed to join his fellow finalists on the show’s nationwide live tour…

However, it’s a decision that has apparently been met with outrage from some of the other singers, given how he behaved during the show’s final, and many have reported vowed that they’ll have nothing to do with Christopher while they’re on tour.

The Daily Mirror reports that in a bid to ease any tensions during the tour, the show’s bosses plan to effectively segregate Chris, adding, “because the other finalists can’t stand the sight of him.”

Those plans include giving Christopher his own dressing room and allowing him to rehearse on his own rather than with the rest of the acts… Read on »

X Factor 2012: As Olly Murs reveals Chris Maloney was abusive to Caroline Flack, he adds “I’m glad he didn’t go to wrap party as no-one would speak to him!”

As we reported yesterday, controversial former X Factor finalist Chris Maloney didn’t attend the show’s wrap party at the Hippodrome club in London on Tuesday night, but he claims on Twitter that he did receive an invite.

He tweeted, “thank u @TheXFactor for my ticket to the wrap party tonight in London. I’m still unwell, but see u all soon. thanks for making my dreams xx”

However, according to Xtra Factor host Olly Murs, it’s a good job that Maloney didn’t attend. He said, “Christopher didn’t turn up, which was just as well as he wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to.”

In an interview with Alan Carr for his show Chatty Man, Olly – who was of course himself a former finalist – also claimed that Maloney had been abusive to his fellow Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack. Read on »

X Factor 2012: Insider says Christopher Maloney WILL be allowed to go on live tour! Seriously bad idea or only fair?

Fans of The X Factor will of course know that former finalist Christopher Maloney is about as popular as an outbreak of crabs right now, given that he was allegedly drunk and abusive at the show’s final on Sunday.

He was accused of calling fellow former finalist Carolynne Poole a “c**t” and of being similarly abusive to production staff.

He was of course nowhere to be seen during the final, which he attributed to having had a “sore throat” and claimed he’d been “signed off” by a doctor. However, a number of the show’s finalists claimed that was untrue and backed up reports of Maloney’s appalling behavior.

Kye Sones said, “Everything Carolynne said was true. He’s worn a mask for ten weeks and now it’s slipped.” Read on »

X Factor 2012: Carolynne Poole says “Chris Maloney called me a c*** because I didn’t say hello to him” & Kye Sones adds “His mask has slipped!”

Y’know, I just can’t thank me four fans enough

Fans of the X Factor will no doubt know that third placed runner-up Christopher Maloney has pretty much ended his career in music before it even began by showing what are evidently his true colours on Sunday, which was of course the show’s final.

Reports from the X Factor camp on Sunday and yesterday reveal that he turned up for rehearsals in Manchester drunk, late and was abusive to his fellow finalists and to X Factor staff.

He also launched a bitter tirade on Twitter – addressed to Gary Barlow and the show’s press team – saying that he is the victim of bullying, a “witch hunt” and declaring that X Factor is “over.”

In the meantime, he posted several tweets claiming that his absence from the X Factor final on Sunday night was due to illness… Read on »

X Factor 2012: #maloneygate! Find out what really happened as it’s revealed that Christopher Maloney’s place on the live tour is now “in doubt”

Fans of The X Factor will of course know that third placed runner-up Christopher Maloney was nowhere to be seen during last night’s final…

And as we reported  yesterday afternoon, and last night – during our live blog as the incident evolved – it all began when Christopher turned up yesterday morning at the show’s venue in Manchester “clearly drunk.”

He then apparently stormed off when he became angry that he had only one line to sing in the finalists’ group performance. The Sun reports that he was supposed to be back at 11am for a second rehearsal, but when he didn’t arrive, the finalists’ song was hastily rearranged to exclude him. You  can click here to find out what an X Factor insider told us here at Unreality TV about what was going on…

The next round in Maloney-gate came when he allegedly arrived well after midday, and even more drunk, telling the show’s producers that he no longer wanted to be part of the show. He reportedly then went back to the hotel the finalists were staying in to pack, intent on returning home to Liverpool… Read on »

X Factor 2012: Chris Maloney may be pleased to note that One Direction, who also finished third, are “the most in demand” act in XF history!

It may be some consolation to Chris Maloney, who left the contest last night, to know that One Direction, who also finished X Factor in third place, have become the most in-demand XF act ever!

And though it of course has to be remembered that One Direction are something of a phenomenon – having invoked global hysteria, the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed since The Beatles grew their hair long and became pin up boys in the sixties – and not many can hope to replicate their huge success, other X Factor acts have gone on to make a big noise in the music industry despite not winning.

The Sun today reports that a chart of the top five acts in terms of gig sales from the show reveals that 1D, who were runners-up to Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson in 2010, are the most popular. Read on »

X Factor 2012: Chris Maloney’s last act of defiance was to leave Manchester hotel to go to drag act karaoke night!

As we reported yesterday, the X Factor finalists, James Arthur, Chris Maloney – who of course left the contest in third place last night – and Jahmene Douglas were ordered not to leave the hotel they were staying in in Manchester amid concerns for their safety after huge crowds of fans congregated outside.

However, it’s been reported that in a final act of defiance, Chris decided to take no notice of the order and went out to spend the night singing karaoke and performing with drag queen Lee Star.

The Daily Mirror adds, “Bosses were left furious after telling all three contestants they must NOT leave their hotel unless with production staff when they arrived in Manchester.

“But Chris, the most controversial ¬contestant, ignored the ban and raced off on a bender in which he drank champagne with a female impersonator… Read on »

X Factor 2012: Kitty Brucknell blasts “horrible” Chris Maloney adding, “Diva rumours are true!” Erm, pot, kettle, black…

During last night’s first half of this weekend’s X Factor final extravaganza, former finalist Kitty Brucknell had some harsh words to say to and about this year’s third placed runner up, Christopher Maloney…

But giving herself an ‘out’ for her rudeness, Kitty tweeted, “Everything I say tonight is cos I’m pi**ed. Completely unquoteable. Got that??? #verydrunkkitty.”

She began a series of bitter tweets with one which read, “Ahahhahaa Chris just got booed at an arena! Lol!!! Manchester u rule”

She then added, “Yeah ok. That was kinda mean. Im sorry. But im drunk and Chris is just horrible – backstage rumours are TRUE.”

However, after she was criticized for her remarks, she wrote, “Ok. No more drunken mean tweets about Chris. Deal?”

Now, I have to say I would have thought that if anybody understands how much it hurts to be hated by the nation it would be Ms Brucknell… Read on »